Beer Essay Topics

Corona Beer (Modelo)

Abstract This case analysis presents a synopsis of Corona Beer (Modelo) current strategy and its position within the competitive beer industry. The key question being addressed is whether Modelo would be able to maintain its status as one of the market leaders in beer production and distribution as competition in the industry increases. This paper… View Article

Beer Industry Case Study

Beer industry is one of the oldest industries particular in EU as it is one of the biggest beer consumption markets. This industry has seen fluctuation of the demand and consumption of the beer over the last quarter of 20th century due to many factors. This analysis will look in to those factors by taking… View Article

The Beer Industry Insights

Carlsberg Group is the fourth largest brewer in the world. Our extensive port- folio of beer brands provides a beer for every occasion and palate. Our flagship brand, Carlsberg, is one of the best- known beer brands in the world, and Baltika, Carlsberg, Tuborg and Kronen- bourg are among the biggest brands in Europe. In… View Article

The Boston Beer Company

The Boston Beer Company was founded by Jim Koch in 1984. The Boston Beer Company has been cited as one of the best companies to work for by Boston Magazine, one of the Best Entry-Level Jobs by The Princeton Review, and their beers have won more awards than any other in history. Samuel Adams beers… View Article

Beer and Man Brewing Company

Mountain Man Brewing Company was established in 1925, and since then has come to be known as “West Virginia’s Beer”. In 2005, despite a 2% drop in annual sales they sold approximately 520,000 barrels and reported revenue close to $50,000,000. Mountain Man Brewing Company’s average consumer is male, above the age of 45 and typically… View Article

The Boston Beer Company

Jim Koch began selling Sam Adams beer from bar to bar out of a brief case in April 1985. He sold unlabeled bottles kept cold with chill packs from his briefcase. His sales tactic was the following simply 10-second pitch: “Try this new beer. It’s handcrafted in small batches. You’ll like the taste. ” (Hyatt,… View Article

The Boston Beer Company

Overview The Boston Beer Company has had amazing success in its transition from a small scale microbrewer to a large scale national brewery. Almost all of the company’s success is due to the Samuel Adams Lager product line, which has hardly changed from the founding of the company in 1984, to the IPO in 1995,… View Article

Beer Industry Oligopoly

Introduction The brewing industry was once held to competition among many breweries in small geographic areas. That was almost a century ago. The U. S. brewing industry today is characterized by the dominance of three brewers, which I will talk about in this paper. There are many factors today that make the beer industry an… View Article

Beer Industry Marketing Analysis

The Beer makes up most of the alcoholic beverage industry, with a 74% volume in 2002 (Alcoholic Beverages, 2005). The production of beer around the world has increased from 36. 85 billions gallons in 2000 to 38. 78 billion gallons in 2003 (Alcoholic Beverages, 2005). Beer production has been a part of society close to… View Article

Case 8 Battle Of The Beers Beer

Introduction This case is about the intense battle between beer rivals in the United States, particularly between Anheuser-Busch (A-B), the world’s largest brewer, and SABMiller, the world’s second largest brewer. It discusses about how the companies used advertising in their brand positioning in order to compete with each other and increase the sales. This case… View Article

Beer Company Segmentation

Demographic: From the market analysis portion of the paper we already established that internationally, Anheuser is expanding both into the Asian and Latin American markets. But typically what segment of the market do they target specifically? Well currently, the company is making an attempt to target the female population. Michelob Ultra is being marketed in… View Article

Colorado Beer Case Study

One may state that upon the passing of the new beer law, some sales in the existing liquor stores may decline. Despite this possibility, this can present a major expanding opportunity for all the craft beer creators in the area. As a convenience store advocate, I support the passage of House Bill 1192, which would… View Article

Boston Beer Company

This report examines the US Beer industry as well as the industry structure, capacity and marketing trends as they relate to the current and future positioning of the Boston Beer Company, or as most people know it around here, Samuel Adams. The US beer industry has had several years of slowing gains and downfalls. Three… View Article

Informative Beer Speech

A. Attention: When planning a BBQ, how many of you have beer somewhere on your shopping list? B. Relate: Beer, is the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage, and there is no doubt that it’s one of the most beloved of all man’s discoveries. C. Credibility: I enjoy drinking beer, therefore researched the topic. D. Preview:… View Article

Beer Wars-Documentary Review

Introduction Beer Wars was a very eye-opening documentary. It was interesting to see how the market share of the largest beer company, Anheiser-Busch, has grown throughout the years. In 1965, Anheiser-Busch had a meager market share of twelve percent. As marketing on television grew in popularity, Anheiser-Busch’s market share grew as well. By 1985, Anheiser-Busch’s… View Article