BBC Essay Topics

Broadcasting of the BBC Documentary ‘The Secret Policeman’

On Tuesday 21st October 2003, the BBC’s documentary The Secret Policeman was broadcast to approximately 5 million viewers in Britain. Mark Daly, an undercover reporter had spent seven months posing as a fellow trainee at the Bruche National Training Centre in Cheshire to film an expos� on racism among police recruits. The film not only… View Article

Simon stock catholic school

My teacher Miss McCay has asked me to create a presentation because before she used a flip chart and now she has got a computer she would like to use a computer aided design. Alternative Solutions 1. manual 2. Computer presentation software. Advantages and disadvantages 1. The advantages of a manual solution are that it… View Article

What is a soap Opera?

The history of soap soap opera n serial drama: a serial on television or radio that deals with the lives of a group of characters, especially in a melodramatic or sentimental way [Soap from the fact that they were originally often sponsored by soap manufacturing companies] Radio Serials during the 1920s and 1930s, radio listeners… View Article

Welcome to Eldorado

From begging to end we are inundated with different many characters thoughts and feelings and many camera shots show different sides to people. One of the first clever camera shots is when the camera pans up to show Marcus Tandy throwing Tracy’s clothing out of the window. It panned down to the market, showing peoples… View Article

People of Britain

“The emergence of television as a mass medium of communication was the key turning point in improving leisure opportunities for the ordinary people of Britain. ” How far do you agree with this statement? At the beginning of the 20th century, the lives of ‘ordinary people’ were not ideally suited to the world of leisure…. View Article

The ordinary people of Britain

The emergence of television as a mass medium of communication was the key turning point in improving leisure opportunities for the ordinary people of Britain’ Frani?? ois Bedaria has described the emergence of television of television as an ‘absolute revolution’. Television today is extremely different from how it was on its first regular transmissions back… View Article

British TV soap opera’s

How would you account for the continuing fascination that British TV soap opera’s have for such a large and diverse audience? (30 mks) Soap opera is the most popular form of television programming in the world, being the most popular genre in Britain for 35 years, since the very first episode of Coronation Street was… View Article

BBC2 series

This essay is about five entrepreneurs (the Dragons) which all star in the BBC2 series, Dragon’s Den. They are; Richard Farleigh, Deborah Meaden, Duncan Bannatyne, Peter Jones and Theo Phaphitis. Dragon’s Den has just finished their third series. Dragon’s Den is a show about ordinary people with ideas which they think could make them rich. Each… View Article

Supporting the BBC

A good supervisor will feel that coaching members of staff is of high priority. At the BBC, the supervisors consider good coaching is when the supervisor in question works well with employees to help them establish their goals, action plans and time lines, also when the supervisor provides ongoing support and guidance through all areas… View Article

Commercially provided databases

Many private research organisations specialise in building up databases of people who are known to have interest in certain products and services. There are many market research agencies where lists may be purchased by businesses that wish to target these customers via direct mail. This can help washwood heath technology college they won’t have to… View Article

The crew exploration vehicle

Bush’s vision is an echo of a similar dream by his father in 1989, which did not come to fruition because the cost estimates ballooned up to $400 billion (Lane, 2004). Working on the premise that the desire to explore is part of human character, Bush said that his dream is to build space vehicles… View Article

Website of BBC

Some examples are “buinsees. com” and “greenpeace. org. uk” which are both very straightforward. Because of this importance, some people or institutions tend to register a specific URL name corresponding to a certain entity. However, there are some cases in which by the time the “true owners” of the name come up to establish a… View Article

Influence of tv on children

Television has come a long way since its invention in the 1900’s. People around the world have got to witness many historical events such as, the first man to walk on the moon, to even the inauguration of our first African American president. Although there were many great moments in history viewed on television, not… View Article

The function of research in Health and social Care

Research can be defined as a process of collecting information about a specific topic for a purpose. The importance of research in Health and Social Care is very high. Research can take days, months or even years. Its aim is not only to identify in depth information but as well to find out the amount… View Article

The story of the history of “Magnificence”

The story “Magnificence” started when a man, particularly a bus driver, comes to a house of two children to tutor and help them with their school works. The family of the children thinks that the man is good and their children are in good hands. They also think that there is nothing to fear when… View Article