Battle Essay Topics

Battle of Actium

Do Augustan sources portray an accurate picture of the Battle of Actium? (45) Octavian’s victory at Actium gave him sole and uncontested control of Mare Nostrum (Our Sea, i.e., the Roman Mediterranean) and this victory marked the transition of Rome from Republic to Empire. Octavian was keen to emphasise the Battle of Actium as a… View Article

Battle of the Philippine

Thus, Nimitz had anticipated the two critical facets of Yamamoto’s strategic plan of having the battleship supported by aircraft carriers instead of the other way around – and Nimitz knew that the big battleship “Yamato” was far slower than any other Japanese battleship and Nimitz was also aware that the Japanese the smaller battleships were… View Article

Light and Dark Imagery in Steinbeck’s In Dubious Battle

In John Steinbeck’s In Dubious Battle, Mac describes the Party’s methodology when he says: “You get a hell of a drive out of something that has some meaning to it, and don’t you forget it. The thing that takes the heart out of man is work that doesn’t lead any place. Ours is slow, but… View Article

Meaning of Life and Dream Boy

“Dream Boy” is a song written by Natalia Genie, a high school student at A. S. T. Rafael Villeda, also known as “Faike”, was her inspiration. Faike was a 17-year old teenage boy who suffered from bone cancer. Faike was a very important person in Natalia’s life as well as in mine, and for many,… View Article

A Battle to Your Death

Advertisements for medications have been filling the pages of magazines ever since the first pharmaceutical companies have been synthesizing drugs. Since the late 1800’s, consumers have been exposed to medication advertised the same way that a company might push a new detergent to buyers. Heated debates have exploded in regards to drug advertisements, coming to… View Article

What is the name of the battle?

The battle is called the First Battle of Bull Run or the First Battle of Manassas. Where was the battle fought? The battle took place at Manassas in the South, somewhere near Virginia. When was the battle? The battle took place after the skirmishes at Mitchell’s Ford and Blackburn’s Ford or about three days after… View Article

Thermopylae Speech

The battle at Thermopylae was a long awaited battle, after both powers Athens and Persia submitted to a 10 year inter-war period from 490BC to 480BC, in order to carefully prepare a second invasion from the Persian’s, following the humiliating defeat of Darius at marathon. Xerxes actions were motivated by revenge and the urge to… View Article

Satan in Paradise Lost

Satan is a character that has been ridiculed and teased in our modern world because of his symbolization of evil, combined with the underlying hypothesis that good will always triumph over evil ultimately questioning and mocking his presence. In Paradise Lost John Milton frays from the typical view of Satan as the devil-on-your-shoulder by having… View Article

Why Our Troops Battle

Along the span of time and history, there are several reasons why certain countries would commence a war against another. Scholars would often state it as an alter ego principle, which is possessed naturally by any form of government, given of course the real disposition of any individual. Even until today, there exists a raging… View Article

Battle of Thermopylae

300 is a fictionalized depiction of the 460 B. C. Battle of Thermopylae. Adapted from Frank Miller’s graphic novel 300, director Zack Snyder evidently aimed for this cinematic spectacle as historical as the Spartan’s glory. Led by King Leonidas (Gerard Butler), the 300 best Spartan soldiers fought to death against the Persian King Xerxes’ (Rodrigo… View Article

The battle over immigration

The recent controversy over toughening immigration policies has a divisive impact on a national level, because the law’s provisions promise to have an ambiguous outcome. Though to many it appears necessary due to the rise in illegal immigration (and the crime and other social problems that have accompanied it), it may also have an adverse… View Article

Spur Ride Study Guide

The 7th Cavalry Regiment was constituted on July 28, 1866 in the Regular Army as the 7th Cavalry. It was organized on September 21, 1866 at Fort Riley, Kansas as part of an expansion of the Regular Army following the demobilization of the wartime volunteer and draft forces. From 1866 through 1871, the Regiment was… View Article

Why Did William Win The Battle Of Hastings?

The Battle of Hastings was fought on the 14th October 1066 (shortly after King Edward the confessor had died) between Harold Godwinson and William of Normandy. The battle was fought on Senlac hill 10 kilometres away from Hastings. The battle started because when King Edward died, he left no heir to the throne. The men… View Article

Battle of Thermopylae

The motion picture 300 is a fictitious narrative of the historical Battle of Thermopylae. The story begins with a narrative about Spartan King, Leonidas, born and chosen to be the next king. By Spartan law, he is examined of any deformation and flaw. This is for the purpose of maintaining tha continuity of the Spartan… View Article

Solon And Lycurgus

Of many ancient rulers, two are made very memorable. Lycurgus, ruler of Sparta, and Solon, ruler of Athens, made significant impacts on their polis that would continue throughout ancient Greek history. The reforms that were created by these rulers can be disputed in regards to their benefit on their city-state. The reforms Solon implemented were… View Article