Basketball Essay Topics

Strengths in basketball

In my Analysis Peace I am going to be analysing Alex combs at basketball. I chose Alex because he is a talented basketball player and I have seen him improve in basketball in various ways since yr7 and I feel I can help him improve even more. Alex has adapted himself into becoming a centre… View Article

Comparison of ‘Heroin Lies’ with ‘The Basketball Diaries’

Heroin is a deadly drug, which kills approximately one million people every year. In this essay I will be comparing two dramatic acts. ‘Heroin Lies’, which I acted out. The other is a 1995 hit called ‘The Basketball Diaries’. I chose this particular film to compare with my act because they have several similarities but… View Article

Seated Basketball Throw

Syphilis- A bacterial infection which causes a painless ulcer to develop 10-90 days after exposure. You may not be able to see the ulcer. It heals but causes even bigger problems if not fixed early. Stress is actually a state of arousal consisting of a number of body changes. The stress response is also known as… View Article

Alike, but also different

College basketball and professional basketball seasons are beginning this month, and there are many different aspects of each sport that can be compared and contrasted. Which one do most people enjoy watching though? Also, what’s the biggest difference between the two sports and their players? Other things such as the shot clock, the three-point line,… View Article

Basketball Case

Introduction      Basketball, a game that was born in nineteenth century with the purpose to provide an “athletic distraction” to the students at the School for Christian Workers in Springfield, soon became a successful sport. More than 300 million people play basketball worldwide. The History of Basketball Invention and Rules       Basketball was invented by… View Article

Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are an American professional basketball team based in Los Angeles, California. They play in the Pacific Division of the Western Conference in the National Basketball Association (NBA). The Lakers play their home games at Staples Center, which they share with their local NBA rival, the Los Angeles Clippers, the Los Angeles… View Article

NBA All-Star

Specific Purpose Statement: To explain the different events and competitions during NBA All Star weekend. Central Idea: All Star weekend is a action packed event where fans vote, attend and/or watch the most popular NBA stars battle out in various competitions. Basketball or as I like to refer to it, B-Ball, started in Ontario, Canada… View Article

History of Basketball

Basketball was invented in December 1891 by the Canadian clergyman, educator, and physician James Naismith. Naismith introduced the game when we was an instructor at the Young Men’s Christian Association Training School (now Springfield College) in Springfield, Massachusetts. At the request of his superior, Dr. Luther H. Gulick, he organized a vigorous recreation suitable for… View Article

Anthony Davis

My research is on the subject of Anthony Davis Jr. He was born on March 11, 1993. He was born in Chicago; Illinois. Davis is the son of Anthony Davis Sr. and Erainer Davis. He has a twin sister, Antoinette and an older sister, Iesha who also plays basketball at Daley College. He attended Perspectives… View Article

Julius Winfield Erving, the Rise of a Basketball Legend

There have been many famous athletes in our time but there are some athletes that stand out in their sport above almost all others. There is an elite group at the top of every league that either played and dominated or are still playing and dominating. Well in the game of basketball everybody knows about… View Article

Michael Jordan Biography

In Michael Jordan’s biography on the National Basketball Association (NBA) website, they state that,”By acclamation, Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time.”. He was one of the best, winning countless awards, breaking many records, and making product endorsements. He is also the majority owner and head of the basketball operations for the… View Article

Successful Athlete

Vince Lombardi says “the price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand and the determination that whether we win or lost we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.” A dedicated athlete puts forth their all by fully devoting themselves to their sport. They always try to… View Article

Economic Effects of the NBA Lockout

The National Basketball Players Association lockout greatly affected the United States economy. Greedy team owners and greedy players fighting over large amounts of money caused the lockout. In March of 1998, team owners felt that they were paying players too much money, causing clubs to lose money, so they voted to reopen discussions on the… View Article

Geography Assignment- Globalisation of sport

Basketball: A. When and where did the game originate? Basketball was first invented in 1891. But the first formal rules were devised in 1982. Basketball was first originated in America at a school called Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) by a group of boys. B. When and where the game was first played in Australia?… View Article

Choose the Right Path in Life

Damion Booker is a 6’5 point guard from Rialto, California that is supposedly the best point guard since Magic Johnson. Magic Johnson was an incredible athlete he was versatile, had basketball IQ, he averaged a double double, and most of all a leader on the court. Damion Booker followed those same exact aspects. Damion Booker… View Article