Basic training Essay Topics

Levels of training

The aspects of sport can be applied to EVERY training session and it is the only way to improve your levels of fitness: SPECIFICITY: – training must be suitable/specific to the activity you are training for, e.g. cyclists need to work their lower body a lot more than working their upper body. It would be wasting… View Article

Training or experience

I think this poem speaks to the fear associated with the war and what many young soldiers felt when they were thrust into battle without much training or experience. However, the poem shows a sense of disconnect with the war, almost as though he is indifferent to what has happened. Many books, such as All… View Article

Training Programs for an Age and Culturally Diverse Workforce

The launch of the Age Discrimination Act in October 2006 signifies that every institution will have to do something for it to keep abreast by producing age-inclusive working practices. Reality tells us that the workforce is shifting. At one pole people are living longer at the same time that the other end of the continuum… View Article

Maglev train

Magnetic levitation transport, or maglev, is a type of transportation that uses electromagnets to propel itself along its tracks. maglevs don’t use steel wheel on steel rail usually linked with trains. This can be faster than wheeled mass transit systems, potentially reaching velocities comparable to turboprop and jet aircraft. A maglev train floats about 10mm… View Article

The First Day of Basic Training

The first day of basic training was one of the most horrifying days of my life. I was afraid. I was terrified. I did not know what to expect from or during basic training. I repeated over and over again, “Why did I join the army? ” I should not be here. I was so… View Article