Bargaining Essay Topics

Plea Bargaining: An Unethical American Legal Practice

Abstract             Plea bargaining has been a matter of debate for decades. Ironically, both proponents of the due process model and the crime control model offer important arguments against it. While there are several legitimate arguments on the part of those supporting the crime control model, the only way to evaluate plea bargaining is from… View Article


It is often difficult to differentiate whether a particular subject is permissive, illegal or mandatory bargaining subject. The reason as to why this problem emanates is that the bargaining subjects in most cases collide with the rights of the management which often belong to the public employer as a matter of public policy or state… View Article

Capital Mortgage Insurance Corporation

1. Find appropriate place with a good environment to conduct negotiations. 2. Talk to both parties to identify their specific issues that need solving, identify what is going to be needed to find solutions in the short and long term. Take note of each parties information related to issue at hand which can be used… View Article

Negotiation Group Reflection

The negotiation with the Island Queen Company progressed very well and achieved a good result. The fact that both parties were implementing an integrative collaborative strategy resulted in a very pleasant and beneficial negotiation for both parties. Even though the result was lower than our target, it was above our BATNA and resistance point and… View Article

Employee Relations HND 2013 Assignment 3

In regard to apprenticeships UNISON has actually made a lot of efforts as to gather as many new apprentices as they can because the current UK public sector workforce is full of old people who will be retiring soon and therefore leaving a lot of job vacancies which will be filled out by other old… View Article

Negotiations for Managers

(1 – 50 are worth 1.2 points a piece) 1. Which is not a characteristic of a negotiation or bargaining situation? A)conflict between parties B)two or more parties involved C)an established set of rules D)a voluntary process E)None of the above is a characteristic of a negotiation. 2. Which of the following is not an… View Article