Baptism Essay Topics

The Upsurge of Pentecostalism in Zimbabwe

The upsurge of Pentecostalism in Zimbabwe in relation to Malinkowski’s contention the Religion functions in conjunction with practicality. In the past decade, Zimbabwe has seen a rapid growth in the number of Pentecostal churches mushrooming all over the country. Some of the Pentecostal movements have recorded a very rapid church growth with others having the… View Article

Process and Symbolism of Baptism

Hypothesis: Baptism is an essential symbolic ritual of the Catholic religion that brings the adherent closer to God, has a number of effects on the adherent including original sin and has a continued affect on their life. An abundant amount of religions across the world use rituals to demonstrate their beliefs and bind adherents together… View Article

Poetry and Dwarf

 The thought-provoking poem, Assisi, written by Norman MacCaig is based on when MacCaig went to Assisi to visit the beautiful church built in St Francis’ name. The main character we read about, a dwarf sitting outside the church, is described in a way which evokes great sympathy for him. The writer achieves this by forming… View Article

The Relationship Between Gospel And Culture

Gospel meets culture and suddenly a plethora of issues are ejaculated into the stream of debate and conflict, in the excitement of the on-going mission of God and the perpetuation of his Kingdom. What arouses such fervour? God’s mission is the ultimate transmitter of love but what are the implications of Gospel and Culture, which… View Article

John the Baptist

Jesus Christ did not arrive on this earth unannounced, nor did He begin His ministry without a proper introduction. His first cousin, John the Baptist, was divinely chosen to prepare the way for the Lord when He was to start His ministerial journey on the earth at age thirty, which is also around the time… View Article

Pentecostal Movement Its Impact Among the Dalits and Tribal in India

I. Introduction The prime focus of this paper is to explore the modern Pentecostal or charismatic movement and its impacts among the Dalits and the tribal in India. In this paper the presenter will also try to bring out a brief origins and historical development of Pentecostalism, in order to understand the movement and its… View Article

Religious Tradition Depth Study – Christianity

Significant People and Ideas 1. The contribution to Christianity of ONE significant person OR school of thought, other than Jesus, drawn from: Martin Luther Explain the contribution to the development and expression of Christianity of ONE significant person OR school of thought, other than Jesus, drawn from: Martin Luther Faith alone, grace alone and scripture… View Article

Plan of Discipleship

Introduction In due course of ministering to the body of Fairway Church it has become apparent that there is a greater need for discipleship among the un-churched and the de-churched of the surrounding community. It is therefore, the goal of this exposition to introduce, clarify, and expound the goal of the discipleship ministries of Fairway Church… View Article