Bangladesh Essay Topics

Change in Amount of irrigation land area

Irrigation considered as the critical input for production of food grains and other crops. Since inception of minor irrigation projects (power pump, DTW, STW and floating pump etc) in early sixties, area under irrigation has been expending. However, this expansion is yet to be in commensurate with the availability of increased number of irrigation equipment…. View Article

Changing pattern of agriculture in Bangladesh

Change in the contribution of GDP The major change in the agricultural field is the contribution in the National GDP which is decreasing year by year. Like the GDP Growth rate of the agriculture sector is descending. Financial Year Contribution of Agriculture 1991-92 28. 70 1992-93 28. 21 1993-94 27. 30 1994-95 26. 02 1995-96… View Article

Crops and vegetables

Contribution of Crops in 1995-96 was 15. 03, in 1997-98 was 14. 59, in 1999-00 was 14. 59, in 2001-02 was 13. 75, in 2003-04 was 13. 23, in 2005-06 was 12. 19. Contribution of crops and vegetables is decreasing year by year. Though production of crops has increased our land has decreased, so our… View Article

Macroeconomic Effects of Foreign Aid in Bangladesh Revisited

ABSTRACT This paper revisits the topic of macroeconomic effects of foreign aid in Bangladesh and finds, in line with the radical anti-aid view, that aid has reduced both GDP growth and domestic savings in Bangladesh. However, the effects of aid on growth were found less damaging than predicted by the radical view. A Keynesian interpretation… View Article

Digital Bangladesh

Bangladesh is resounding with the target of achieving digital Bangladesh. Broadly speaking, a digital society ensures an Information and communication Technology (ICT) driven knowledge-based where information will be readily available on line and where all possible tasks of the government, semi-government and also private spheres will be processed using the modern technology. So, a digital… View Article

Term Paper on Forest Resource Management in Bangladesh

Introduction Forests are a very important source of natural resources like wood, bamboo, thatching material etc. It also has a great influence on the environment like climate, water availability, soil erosion, flood and nutrient turnover. It is also the last portion of the world’s fauna and flora. Wood which is the main forest produce has… View Article

Bangladeshi Women in Bricklane

“I always said I will not marry and be sent far away. I will go no farther than these paddy fields. But our mother told us we must not run from our fate. What cannot be changed must be borne. The test of life is to endure.” Through such representation of gender and focus on… View Article

Digital Bangladesh

Digital Bangladesh means a computerised Bangladesh which is yet to be fully for Bangladesh or any other country going digital is no lunury but a necessity in the 21st century. Realing this fact our admistration under the able leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has taken up Digital Bangladesh as its slogan. The modern era… View Article

Eve-Teasing: an Insidious Reality of Bangladesh

Boalmari is a small town in the Faridpur district of Bangladesh. Boalmari is Shanta has lived her 17 years old life till now. It’s a ten minutes’ walk from her home to school. Each and every weekday those twenty minutes become the most painful moments of her life. She feels like going in and out… View Article

Composition: Barisal

Hometown is the city or town where one grows up, or the place of one’s principal residence.It is a place where one passes the lion’s share of his lifetime in the midst of peace, tranquility and joy. It is not required to be the birthplace, although the two can be the same place. The name… View Article

Genocide of Bangladesh

In the beginning of 1971, West Pakistan attempted to eliminate the Bengali culture in Eastern Pakistan. With the formation of the Bengali nationalists creating their own country, the liberation war occurred in Bangladesh which caused the genocide. In reality the liberation war was a smoke screen to hide the genocide that was being committed on… View Article

Pest Analysis on Rmg Sectors in Bangladesh

We traveled Cox’s Bazar two times on the year of 2008 and 2010. We went there by bus and stayed for a few days in the rest house of Bangladesh Power Development Board. We visited Teknaf, Saint Martin (it’s a rock beach),Himchori, Mohesh Khali Island, Enani beach, Dulahazra Safari Park etc. We went Chera Dip… View Article

Real Estate Business in Bangladesh

Abstract: The term business communication is used for all messages that we send and receive for official purpose like running a business, managing an organization, conducting the formal affairs of a voluntary organization and so on. Business communication is marked by formality as against personal and social Communication. The success of any business to a… View Article

ASA Bangladesh

ASA stands for Association for Social Advancement, which is a non-governmental organization aiming at helping poor people to get out of poverty. Bangladesh earned its independence in 1971, but because of the war, the whole country needed to be reconstructed. The unstable and bureaucratic political system slowed down the speed of economic development. In the… View Article

Labour Unrest

The export-oriented apparel industry of Bangladesh, popularly known as readymade garment (RMG) or simply the garment industry occupies a unique position in economy of Bangladesh. It is the largest exporting industry, which experienced a phenomenal growth during the last three decades. By taking advantage of cheap labour and quota-based market in the USA and EU… View Article