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Ford Case Study

Executive Summary Ford is one of the leading companies in the auto industry. The director of Supply Chain Systems at Ford was put in a tough position to make recommendations with regards to the company’s supply chain strategy. There are two groups within Ford that have two different opinions on how Ford should be using…

Porter Generic Strategies on Indian Automobile Induatry

PORTER’S GENERIC COMPETITIVE STRATEGY Automobile Sector MARUTHI: Low Cost Product – Differentiated service Product Pricing: Maruthi build high walls of safety against competition by its very competitive pricing i.e. pricing as low as possible for the particular product. Maruthi has also been a company that has strived for sustainable development with their “three R” framework…

Mahindra & Mahindra – Sm

1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY – INDIAN AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY Starting its journey from the day when the first car rolled on the streets of Mumbai in 1898, the Indian automobile industry has demonstrated a phenomenal growth to this day. Today, the Indian automobile industry presents a galaxy of varieties and models meeting all possible expectations and globally…



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General Motors

General Motors Company, known as GM, was founded in 1908 in Flint, Michigan by William C. Durant and Charles Stewart Mott. The present chairman and CEO is Daniel Akerson. Akerson joined GM’s board in 2009 as the company went through a bankruptcy reorganization. He became CEO Sept. 1, 2010, and led GM’s 2010 return to…

Value Chain

Value chain management has become more and more important in industry in past decades. This report provides an insight view of value chain in automotive industry and then examine leadership role of engineer in value chain management. Furthermore, the report will analyse why engineer is so important in management of value chain. Analysis of value…

The Automotive Industry in Mexico and Brazil

The automotive industry in Mexico and Brazil is one of the most dynamic business in Latin America, with both countries are disputing the 8th place as the highest car producers in the world [a}. While the production of cars in Mexico is directed to foreign consumption, the Brazilian one is mainly directed to its internal…

Daimler Chrysler Merger

The DaimlerChrysler Merger (A): Gaining Global Competitiveness Question 1: What was the situation at Daimler and what was the situation at Chrysler before the merger? The situation at Daimler was difficult before the merger because Daimler experienced tremendous losses in the beginning of 1990s. Starting from 1995 when the new CEO came in place some…

Halftime in America: Chrysler Commercial

The Chrysler commercial during the 2012 Super Bowl was extremely well done. It stars Clint Eastwood delivering a muscularly optimistic message about Detroit and its auto industry. Clint talks about America and how it has been hurting due to the poor economy and the unemployment rate. He does this through an interesting allegory of football…

How Geely Waited for Volvo

The challenge. Apart from the difficulty of getting anyone at Volvo – or Geely – to take the proposal seriously, the deal would be complex, additionally so because it would be international. In 2007, Mr Li sent a letter to the US headquarters of Ford, Volvo’s owner, that expressed its interest in purchasing Volvo. The…

Ford Chinese Venture

Ford’s expansion into the Chinese market through a joint venture with the Changan Auto Co. makes perfect strategic sense. Explain, therefore, why the joint venture has not developed as successfully as had been anticipated. China had experienced the global recession of 2008-2009 with minimal losses unlike most Western markets such as the US and Europe….

Product Life Cycle

“The international product life cycle (PLC) theory of trade states that the location of production of certain kinds of products shifts as they go through their life cycles, which consist of four stages—introduction, growth, maturity, and decline. ” There are many ins and outs when a company is putting a product into production and distribution….

OSHA and the Automotive Workplace

There are materials used in the automotive industry that are considered highly combustible and can easily catch fire once exposed to such element. Proper handling should be studied well and implemented depending upon the flammability of the material. On the contrary, mishandling of these substances will present risks to people’s lives and assets’ damages. There…

Bridgeton Industry, Automotive Component & Fabrication

1.Industry and its relevant characteristics. As the original plant of Bridgeton Industry, Automotive Component & Fabrication (ACF) supplies the most components to the U.S automotive industry. The plant has a long history that was established in 1840s and the site developed by several industrial uses. ACF could be the leader of the whole industry because…

Let Detroit Go Bankrupt: Summary and Analysis

Mitt Romney, the republican governor of Massachusetts, wrote an article in 2008 when the auto industry was on the verge of collapse called “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt”, the article was about his thoughts on how the impending doom of the auto industry in Detroit should be handled. He expressed that Detroit should not be bailed…

Competitive Advantage Within the Automotive Industry

Within the automobile industry, it is vital that companies adequately compete for consumer sales. With the industry struggling due to the current economic conditions, as well as a push for environmental sustainability, companies have to come up with new competitive strategies. There are 6 major ways that a company can give themselves an advantage over…

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