Autocracy Essay Topics

Regime Type and its Influences on Growth

During the last period of the 20th century, the world has observed the so called “Asian Miracle”, the phenomenon refers to Asian countries that achieved a very high growth rate that western countries have never experience before. Interestingly, one common thing these Asia countries have in common are the experience of a certain level of… View Article

Autocratic and Democratic Leadership

There are many pros and cons of both autocratic and democratic government, not to mention, many obvious differences. Surprisingly, there are also some similarities between these two unique governing styles. Autocracy as defined by the Merriam Webster online dictionary is, “A government in which one person possesses unlimited power.” Opposingly, democracy as defined by Danzinger,… View Article

Authoritarian and democratic regimes

Democratic and authoritarian are two very different and contradicting forms of political regimes. They differ in the way a country or a state is managed. In attempting to identify and discuss the differences between the two regimes, we should think what implications do the two regimes have on the political system. How are they different… View Article

How and why do political systems change?

Political systems through the world have changed over the ages. A political system is a significant set of social institutions implemented among the people by the government. Political systems have a lot of functions. Political systems create resources for health, education, welfare, industry and foreign policy. Political systems have changed significantly over centuries and are… View Article

Does a Revolution Always Have to Include Terror

The radical leader of the Committee of Public Safety, Robespierre had fanatic and opinionated ideas and beliefs that made him a passionate leader. He believes that to safely go through the stormy revolution, the people’s behavior should be regulated by stormy circumstances, and their plans should be based on the combination of the spirit of… View Article

Tsarist Regime

How successful was opposition to the tsarist regime between 1861 and 1881 in achieving its aims? There was a great deal of opposition to the tsarist regime between 1861 and 1881 and many were successful. The opposition came from the liberal minded intelligentsia who were determined to change what they believed to be outmoded and… View Article

Absolute Monarchy Essay

What would it be like to be the queen and rule an absolute monarchy? I feel it would be the best to be the queen and have all the say. An absolute monarchy would be best as no elections have to take place. Being the leader of an absolute monarchy means you have no one… View Article

Right boss wrong company

Introduction In this case study we will discuss managerial and leadership styles. How the two managers differ in their leadership styles and managerial practices and how each of their managerial styles effected the employees of fancy footwear. 2.1 Max Worthy had an autocratic leadership style (linked to theory X) the manager might allow group involvement… View Article

India needs leadership

India being a strong democratic country doesn’t really need a dictator. It may just lead to disruption. India is a big country. People live in harmony and are known for their unity. A dictator may not be able to maintain this. Few people may again misunderstand dictatorship and may think it defies the purpose of… View Article

Advantages of Democracy

Democracy can provide for changes in government without violence. In a democracy, power can be transferred from one party to another by means of elections. The jurisdiction of the citizens of a nation determines its ruling authority. Moreover, any government is bound by an election term after which it has to compete against other parties… View Article

What does the film ANTZ?

Written assignment: Write a 1-1.5 page written response to the following question. Your work must be word processed (12 point font) and submitted to the teacher. Please see the detailed rubric below. Q: What does the film ANTZ teach us about the need for good government in society? What happens when people are not happy… View Article