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The author of Hobson’s

Harold Brighouse, the author of Hobson’s Choice was born in 1882 in Eccles, near Salford Lancashire; where the play is set. Hobson’s Choice was first written in 1914-1915. This is when it was originally supposed to be set. The out-break of war in 1914 meant that Brighouse had to change the time setting of the play…. View Article

The action the authorities

The tension in the audience at this point is high. This is because it’s like the climax of the scene because now they will find out whose side Mary will take. Also because of the confusion they are confused just like the authorities and the play has taken another twist yet again. Her inability to… View Article

How Does the Author use Pathetic Fallacy

Doyle uses the word “clutches” to imply to the reader that the moor has humanistic or at least animalistic qualities, such as the ability to consciously hurt or kill. As the moor itself is now a killer, the reader will learn to fear the moor as if it were another evil character as well as… View Article

Thorpe Parks history

In 1970, the site was an active gravel pit owned by Ready Mix Concrete and in 1971 work was granted for the construction of a 500 acre Water Park. Thunder River and its surrounding area were developed in 1987, and 1988 saw the opening of the 630 seat Palladium Theatre. In 1989 Canada Creek, incorporating… View Article

Author’s thesis

1. Reviewer question: What is the author’s thesis? The author’s thesis revolves around the different ways wherein Carl can maximize his roles and capabilities in the profession he is associated with. Under this process, it requires an active communication of responsibilities and at the same time carefully understanding the planning and implementation process of his… View Article

Fundamental Attribution Error

The Fundamental Attribution Error (FAE) principle states that man tends to ignore outside pressure and factors when judging the behavior of others. This means that people believe that a certain action or behavior was a cause of an internal motive rather than some influence from external pressure. In simple words, the FAE describes the inability… View Article

Dear Former Self

Next time you have a rough draft that you’re completely freaking out about and not thinking it’s up to your typical standards, don’t stress about it! I am now a freshman in college and what I’ve learned in my English 150 class these past two weeks has made me rethink my former days with my… View Article

Angel in the House Virgina Woolf

Virginia Woolf was an English author. She was a feminist, publisher, essayist and critic. Woolf commonly acquired female authors Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte. Woolf analyses women and their struggles as artists, their position in literary history and need for independence in her works of literature. Woolf’s short story “Angel in the House” has a… View Article

An Insight into Academic Writing

Authors Gerald Graff and Cathy Berkenstein claim in their book, They Say, I Say, that academic writing is not about “playing it safe and… piling up truths and bits of knowledge,” like many people assume. Rather, it is about the dynamic interaction between other people’s points of view and the author’s response to those perspectives…. View Article

Person- Centred Counselling in Action by Dave Mearns & Brian Thorne, 1988

Person- Centred Counselling in Action by Dave Mearns & Brian Thorne, 1988 Person-centred counselling originated in 1930’s and 40’s from the work of the American psychologist Carl Rogers. Rogers came to believe that as it is the client who is hurting, then ultimately it is the client themselves who holds the answers about how best… View Article

English Departmnet

APA REFERENCING WORKSHEET STUDENT HANDOUT (1) ? APA REREFRENCE LIST FOR BOOKS, ARTICLES FROM THE INTERENET, MAGAZINE AND THE NEWSPAPER. ? BOOKS: A. A book with one author: Last name of the author, First letter of the author s name. (Year of publication). The title of the book (Should be Italicized). The place of publication…. View Article

A Summary of Knots in My Yo-Yo String by Jerry Spinelli

In this book I admired many of the authors personal qualities. My favorite personal quality of the author is that the author actually wrote a book about his childhood. The second quality I admired most about the author is when he was a child he went to church every Sunday of his life. I admired… View Article

Definition of Literature

Literature is an outlet of escape from reality. At the end of the day, I open a book and allow the story to take me to a world where my own fades into a distant memory. With every turn of a page, my imagination is free to reinvent a narrative that is better than the… View Article

Smoking Gun Report

Your assignment is to analyze each of these memos and write a 700-800 word report showing how one is a good example of professional writing while the other is an example of poor professional writing. You will evaluate the memos in light of the situation, the style and the organization. Style, Organization, and Effective Communication… View Article

Description Paragraph

Preferably, description paragraphs should concentrate on action (verbs), rather than sensations (adverbs and adjectives). Writers should assume the role of readers whose idea of the described events is, in entirety, constructed by the paragraph content. Description paragraphs should be detailed, clear, and render the represented reality chronologically. Rather than providing advice, descriptive paragraphs ought to… View Article