Attack Essay Topics

Judging Lines Between Imagination and Reality in Attonment

As I read Atonement, by Ian McEwan, on the beach in Long Beach Island I was confronted with a somewhat new style of writing that I did not recognize. The splitting of the novel into three main parts only made sense to me after I had finished it; the account of the crime that took… View Article

An Analysis of Journey’s End by R. C. Sherriff

Page 95 “Trotter comes in, fully dressed for the line” to page 98 “Mason following from behind”. Explore the ways in which Sherriff makes this a dramatic and revealing moment in the play. (Trotter, Raleigh and Hibbert leaving for the attack). Sherriff makes this extract dramatic and revealing by creating tension and suspense. This is… View Article

“Good Old Country People”-Pride Is Stronger Than You Think

“Good Old Country People” –Pride is Stronger Than Most Think Pride throughout literature has been heavily manipulated by authors in positive and negative lights to reflect their intended purpose. In the majority of Flannery O’Conner‘s stories, characters who have pride exude more arrogance than they do confidence, and as a result these characters condescend towards… View Article

Eco Defense

Eco-defense by Edward Abbey is about a guy who is was tired of corporate executives in the world who wanted to destroy the wilderness. He wants people to get more involved in the environment. The authors gave the reader three main points used to provide a pathos agreement which were when he compared the wilderness… View Article

Hacking and Cybercrime

The Symantec Global Internet Security Threat Report noted a shift in malicious activity to be emerging. The growing level of malicious code activity has also resulted in the proposal of a new cybercrime bill. Malicious activity tends to increase in rapid growth in broadband infrastructure and connectivity. In January 2010, reports emerged that dozens of… View Article

Sandhurst School Bombing by Wendy Malezo

Many people have remembered the unfortunate events of the Sandhurst Road School bombing as a drastic and tragic act of wickedness. The Sandhurst Road School bombing occurred at a ‘big’ and ‘imposing’ school on Minard Road in Catford, South East London on Wednesday 20th January 1943 when a German fighter-bomber dropped a ‘500kg’ bomb on… View Article

Can terrorism be justified?

The devastation and destruction that terrorism causes has impacted greatly on the USA and the world. The 1983 Beirut barracks bombings have shown how terrorism is not justified, and how it has caused a worldwide issue, involving not only America but France, England and Italy. The bombings were not justified by the group/individuals responsible, and… View Article

“Watson and the Shark” by John Singleton

John Singleton Copley’s interpretation of a horrifying disaster in Brooke Watson and the Shark stands out as a romanticised horror painting. Watson and the Shark, an oil on canvas painting, was completed in 1778 and belongs to the ’18th Century American political’ period. The painting is an oil on canvas and stands 182 cm tall… View Article

Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a self-defense system developed for military in Israel and Slovakia that consists of a wide combination of techniques sourced from boxing, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Judo, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and grappling, along with realistic fight training. Krav Maga is known for its focus on real-world situations and extremely efficient and brutal counter-attacks. in… View Article

Pros and/or Cons of Stand Your Ground Law

The infamous George Zimmerman case has stirred the controversy around Stand Your Ground laws and brought these laws to the public light, becoming the subject of vigorous nationwide debates whether these laws should be repealed or not. Like many controversial legislative, Stand Your Ground laws have their critics and proponents, and both sides tend to… View Article

Terrorism and Technology

India and the United States, the world’s two largest democracies, are both vulnerable to terrorist attacks. As an Indian participant in the workshop said, “The most vulnerable states are those with open societies that tolerate dissent.” So far, India and the United States have faced rather different forms of terror attacks. Notwithstanding the terrorist threat,… View Article

The bad effects of technology

What are the bad effects of Technology? Technology emerged as an effective way of making things and work easier and faster.It emerged at peak of time when people were in the urge to make things much more comfortable.From generations to generations,human tried as much as possible to come out with certain way of making life… View Article

Computer security

1. What is a PHP Remote File Include (RFI) attack, and why are these prevalent in today’s Internet world? RFI stands for Remote File Inclusion that allows the attacker to upload a custom coded/malicious file on a website or server using a script. This vulnerability exploits the poor validation checks in websites and can eventually… View Article

Chapter 2 Exercises & Case Exercises

Exercises 1. Consider the statement: an individual threat agent, like a hacker, can be a factor in more than one threat category. If a hacker hacks into a network, copies a few files, defaces the Web page, and steals credit card numbers, how many different threat categories does this attack fall into? a. Overall, I… View Article