Attachment theory Essay Topics

Justification of theory

When talking to Matthew it is essential the teacher makes him feel comfortable, the teacher does this by talking in a clear but soft voice but also being careful that its not just Matthew that she talks to like this as this could single him out from other students. Verbal communication can say a lot… View Article

Activity theory

Cognitive changes: There are several changes that occur with aging, one of which is cognitive slowing. The slowing that occurs in all cognitive tasks where speed of response is a component is considered the most pervasive cognitive change in developmental aging. The probable locus of slowing is in the central nervous system (Bob & McCallum,… View Article

Postmodern and Existential/Psychoanalytical curriculum theory

The terms I had the most difficulty defining from the exercise were Postmodern and Existential/Psychoanalytical curriculum theory. I find that these theories assume a class body which I understand intellectually but have difficulty imagining. In Scenario 6 (AIU, 2006) about postmodernism where the teacher is discussing how technology furthers cultural elitism, this would require a… View Article

Attachment Theory

In this essay I have selected 3 different theories, which will focus on human growth development theories, I will demonstrate my understanding of each theory and explain the psychological disturbances which are linked to each one and demonstrate how these theory can be off use to the counsellor in therapy. John Bowbly (1969) and Mary… View Article

Harlow’s Theory: Love

The feeling of love is, deep, soft, satisfying. Because of its affectionate and intimate nature it is viewed by some as an inapplicable topic for experimental research. But, whatever our own perception may be, our assigned mission as psychologists is to analyze all facets of human and animal behavior into their component variables. (scientific American… View Article