Attachment Essay Topics

Attachment SAQs

Lamb suggests that the child may well be more securely attached to their father than to their mother. The SST is unable to dis-prove Lamb’s suggestion as only accesses the relationship between mother and child. The SST may be criticised for placing too much on its findings, suggesting that a child if either securely or… View Article

Attachment & reciprocal

Schaffer and Emmerson (1964) indicated attachment may not be monotropic. They found most babies attach to more than one person (stage of specific/multiple attachments). Some psychologists believe that although these attachments may be different, not one is more important than the other. The evolutionary approach also appears on the surface to be sensible and valid… View Article

Bolwbys theory of attachment

Outline and Evaluate Bowlby’s Evolutionary Theory of Attachment. (12mark) Attachment can be described using two theories, one being Bowlby’s attachment theory which is based on an evolutionary perspective. The theory suggests that evolution has produced a behaviour that is essential to the survival to allow the passing on of genes. An infant that keeps close… View Article

Social influences on human behaviour

Attitudes, or a person’s internal/mental beliefs about a specific situation, object or concept can greatly influence behaviours. From simple, nonharmful situations such as the choice to not wear orange because you do not like the colour to much more destructive attitudes such as racial prejudice, attitudes can lead our thoughts and actions. Social influences can… View Article

Individual Differences in Attachment

Attachment is when you get a strong reciprocal, emotional bond between two people like with a mother and infant. The attachment acts as a basis for further emotional and psychological development. Following on from the study carried out by Schaffer and Emerson (1964) on the phases of development in attachment, Ainsworth and Bell (1978) investigated… View Article

Child of Rage

In the Documentary “Child of Rage” a six and-a –half year old girl named Beth was severely traumatized when she was one year old. She started her life in tragedy when her father would sexually molest/abuse her. The result of his actions on Beth caused her to become unattached from people around her, including her… View Article

Adult Attachment Styles and Romantic Relationships

In 1987, the Attachment Theory extended to include the bonds between adults and their romantic partners; the extension includes the concept of the secure, the anxious-preoccupied, the dismissive-avoidant, and the fearful-avoidant attachment styles. Current research, in the form of cross-sectional and longitudinal studies, predicts adults exhibit attachment styles during the forming, maintenance, and separation process…. View Article

Developmental Psych Core Questions

Core Chapter Learning Objectives for PSY 104 Developmental Psychology 1. Explain the role of theories in understanding human development, and describe three basic issues on which major theories take a stand. (pp. 5–7) 2. Describe recent theoretical perspectives on human development, noting the contributions of major theorists. (pp. 21–26) 3. Identify the stand that each… View Article