Atlanta Essay Topics

Business plan – CoViTek

CoViTek is an Atlanta based company that offers a unique value added service to the $11 billion dollars video rental industry. CoViTek will revolutionize the industry by renting movies through its video vending machines. These machines are already experiencing tremendous success in Europe, where they were invented. Customers will now be able to rent videos… View Article

History of Atlanta

Even by the standard of America, Atlanta is a young city. Even before it became a settlement, such cities like Cincinnati, Charleston, Chattanooga and New Orleans were already thriving cities. Atlanta can be said to be a bright, aggressive and brash town with the rough ages smoothed by time. The city dashes with the charm… View Article

Atlanta Olympic bombing attacks

Over the past few years, world terror attacks and threats have significantly increased in many countries including Britain. This paper will give a detailed description of the circumstances and responses to the London Bombings. At the same time, it will compare and contrast the London Bombings to the Oklahoma City Bombing and the 1996 Olympic… View Article

20 facts from Fracturing the Canon

I attended the Clark Atlanta Art Gallery Tuesday, September 13, 2013 in Trevor-Arnett at 11:30 a.m. The instructor a couple others and I had was Cynthia .She carefully and thoroughly guided us along the tour. She was very fluent and intellectual in the art pieces being displayed. She really knew what she was talking about,… View Article


Case Problem 4 WORKFORCE SCHEDULING Davis Instruments has two manufacturing plants located in Atlanta, Georgia. Product demand varies considerably from month to month, causing Davis extreme difficulty in workforce scheduling. Recently Davis started hiring temporary workers supplied by WorkForce Unlimited, a company that specializes in providing temporary employees for firms in the greater Atlanta area…. View Article


Truett Cathy once said, “No goal is too high if we climb with care and confidence.” Consumers have seen this idea in action with Cathy’s entrepreneurial venture of opening Chick-fil-A. Now one of the highest-profiting fast food restaurants in America, Chick-fil-A started out as merely a family-owned restaurant in a shopping mall. Truett Cathy’s ambition… View Article