Athletes Essay Topics

Super Athletes?

In their quest for success in their chosen endeavor, these men have done everything and anything in and out of the rulebook for glory. Gone are the days when fair competition was restricted to training, days and nights spent in the gym, and pure hard work. Their yearning for world recognition and perhaps even immortality… View Article

Colleges Exploit of College Athletes

It is common issue in our country that students neglect their studies seeking sports fame and they end up their career with incomplete degree, even while their institution themselves earn millions revenues. It is seen that as sports became very commercializing, college sport department exploit students for their own means of earning. A sign that… View Article

Physical activity

Physical activity, athletic performance, and recovery from exercise are enhanced by optimal nutrition. Athletes should be well-hydrated before beginning to exercise; athletes should also drink enough fluid during and after exercise to balance fluid losses. Micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) play an important role in energy production, hemoglobin (Hb) synthesis, maintenance of bone health, adequate immune… View Article

Analysis of Should College Athletes Get Paid

The author of the essay “Should College Athletes Get Paid? ” wrote a good work touching on a very controversial subject that has been in question for years yet no closer to getting solved. His style is effective with the use of analogies and like Pope John Paul II recanting his stance on women in… View Article

Why College Athletes Shouldn’t Be Paid

After numerous scandals over the past several years of college athletes receiving improper benefits, the question has come up whether or not college athletes should be paid or not. College sports are a growing industry, and we have seen money destroy organizations, teams, and players in this industry. The determination and motivation of college athletes… View Article

Should College Athletes Be Paid

It has been a debate for quite some time as to whether college athletes should be paid for their work on the field. They are some of the hardest working individuals that obtain intense practices and demanding college courses, and many believe that they should be rewarded for their hard work. But the ongoing debate… View Article