Associate’s degree Essay Topics

College Goals

Attending college is the first step to a better future. Throughout life there will be many goals to accomplish but some of the most important goals to accomplish will be during the time you are in college. My first goal is to pass every class this semester. After completing this goal my next goal to… View Article

Obtaining a Collage Degree

Having a college degree has a strong positive effect on many aspects of life. With every year of college you complete your career options increase along with many opportunities. By obtaining a college degree your yearly income will increase, more job opportunities will come, and the knowledge you will gain will last forever. Studies show… View Article

Degree Rationale

The degree programs which I choose to pursue is an Associate of Arts with a concentration on Community and Human Services and eventually continue on to a higher level studies to a Bachelor’s of Science degree also with a concentration in Community and Human Services. My registered area of study is Community and Human Services… View Article

Associate’s Degree and Bachelor’s Degree

Convenience, it’s what people in the world thrive on these days. Each day we see more ways to make our lives easier and more convenient. It used to be that if you didn’t go to college right after high school, you wouldn’t go at all because with family and career demands, fitting school into an… View Article

BSN nursing VS RN nursing

There is an ongoing debate on the differences of nurses who possess an associate’s degree versus a bachelor’s degree. Individuals considering nursing as a career may find some confusion when comparing the two degrees. Both bachelor degree nurses as well as associate degree nurses can sit for the nursing licensure exam also known as the… View Article

Appeal Letter – Academic History Lack of Progress

Academic History Lack of Progress When I originally began attending Grossmont in Fall 1996 I had planned on obtaining my Associates Degree in Accounting. In the Spring of 1999 I only managed to obtain a General Associates Degree. I did not take full advantage of the Counseling Department and the ESOP Department to fully understand… View Article

Children’s Functional Health Pattern Assessment

The U.S. health care delivery system has gone through enormous and transformational changes in the past two decades. The traditional hospital-centered health care delivery is no longer able to support the expanded demands of health care services, especially outside hospitals. In the same token, the traditional role of a nurse as bedside direct caregiver is… View Article