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The crucible – oral assignment

1. There are many strength’s and weaknesses of both these people. The way they act to other people and their reaction in certain situations both give you information about what has happened in the past, but also adds drama to the play. Elizabeth Proctor has loyalty to people she loves, you can see her love… View Article

The Crucible Assignment

Give an account of the moments of extreme tension at the end of Act 3 and their impact on the audience. You must explain in detail the parts played by: – Mary Warren, Abigail Williams, Danforth, Hale and particularly John and Elizabeth Proctor. In this part of the play Mary Warren has been brought to the… View Article

The Crucible- Coursework Assignments

Proctor is introduced to the Play’s audience fairly early in the play, his entrance on the scene being announced rather dramatically by Mary Warren’s reaction to it. The stage directions dictate the atmosphere surrounding Proctor’s entrance. The actress playing the part of Mary Warren is directed to leap in fright upon seeing Proctor enter, thereby… View Article

Introduction to Business Assignment

AIM: I have been requested by Peter Eskesen to look at two contrasting business organisations and one of who must operate in the secondary/manufacturing industry and the other corporation must be a service provider from the tertiary sector. I must then look at the activities that each of them fulfil and look at the effectiveness… View Article

Household Tasks Assignments

As the head cleaner of the apartment, I have been responsible to keep things orderly and neatly in the house. I have presented to become the head cleaner because I truly believe that my housemates should not be worrying that much about the household chores with a house cleaning timetable suited to them. The earlier… View Article

Fallacies and Rhetorical Devices: Three Assignments

Bill O’Rielly and his O’Rielly factor TV show on the Fox news network is known for being a never ending source of logical fallacies. Specifically, concerning the Israel war on the Arabs, nearly every form of rhetorical device and every kind of sleight f hand in argument is used to defend Israel agaisnt its caitve… View Article