Assignment Essay Topics

Art assignment TOK

1. As you approach the art gallery, you will see a large, spindly sculpture outside the main doors. It is of a spider with a sac of eggs under its abdomen. (a) What is your initial reaction upon seeing this piece? What the Heck? What is gods name is this doing here? That’s interesting… (b) Do you think… View Article

Hobsons Choice Assignment

This essay will talk about Willies steps from being a shoe maker to becoming the owner of a shop. Willie is an important character although he is one of the only working class characters in the play. (The other, his friend who also works in the shop.) The play focused on the key figure ‘Willie’… View Article

The Handmaid’s Tale

“The Handmaid’s Tale”, written by Margaret Atwood, is set in two different times simultaneously, both being separate societies, with unlike moral principles. While Atwood describes the pre-Gilead society as one dealing with an unmanageable amount of injustices regarding women, since pornography, prostitution, and violence against women were getting out of the government’s hands. Nevertheless, women… View Article

My assignment

My assignment is to do a pop-up book of my choice and I chose to do it on the teletubbies, as my little sister likes them and I have all the resources and research that I could get at home, also I will give the little book my little sister when it has all been… View Article

OCR Psychology Assignment

The article “Fashion company’s shock tactics in the fight against size zero” appeared on the Daily Mail’s Website on Tuesday, September 25th 2007. 1. Assumptions The first psychological assumption is that the use of shock tactics by way of an image portraying a naked anorexic woman will “jolt the fashion industry into action over the problem of… View Article

Website Review Assignment

The website www. ancientgreece. com is an interactive web location that serves as a reference point for the history and philosophy behind Greek contributions in the various art forms used in the rituals of basic everyday living to sacred cultural convention. The homepage incorporates quotes from famous scholars, such as, Aristotle and Archimedes, and a… View Article

Little Assignment

Fish oil is beneficial to health because it contains omega-3 fatty acids which decrease the risk of heart and blood vessel disease by lowering levels of triglyceride in the blood and slowing up liver triglyceride synthesis. However, human metabolism cannot generate them from other fatty acids in the body making it very essential to be… View Article

Foreign Assignment

First and foremost, I would ask Tom to review the company’s policy about its treatment to employees. It is a company’s obligation to treat its employees with respect and courtesy. When Sara applied for the transfer, it should have been the company’s obligation to inform her what she is up against. It should have been… View Article

Cirque Du Soleil Assignment

1. What are Cirque’s product and strategy? The cirque product is a circ show without animals, the main features of this show are: clowns, acrobats and gymnasts. The difference between Cirque du soleil and other circs is that the first one tries to make the show unforgettable by adding music specially composed for each show… View Article

Fallacies Assignment

The source in question is a response to the episode of “Oprah” that featured an “expose” of puppy mills. The person posting to the site makes several arguments that attempt to support the claim that animal breeders are responsible for pet overpopulation, all based on fallacies. Overall, the writer makes an appeal to the readers’… View Article

The Konark Temple

The Konark Temple or The Black Pagoda is one of the most beautiful ornaments in the crown adorning the rich heritage and history of Odisha. It is located in the district of Puri in Odisha. The reason for choosing this particular site for this assignment was that every time I visited the place, I was… View Article

Chapter Three Assignment

Grants-in-aids are federal funds provided to states and localities. Grants-in-aid dramatically increased in scope in the twentieth century and were attractive to state officials for various reasons, however, categorical grants are another form of grants-in-aid which are to be used for a specific purpose defined in a federal law, substantively or procedurally, with little to… View Article

Political Cartoon Assignment

The political cartoon that I chose mainly aims towards people who are concerned about the environment and people who are against The American Clean Energy and Security Act. An every day citizen may not get the entire meaning of the cartoon if they do not know the motive behind it or do not follow politics… View Article

Primary Source Assignment

The articles of literature produced first in the New World reveal a great deal of information about the colonies that were planted, and the type and quality of people that inhabited them. Primarily, they are of the same cloth, these colonies – Christian, organized (for the most part) and disciplined. William Bradford’s account of Plymouth… View Article

Follow the source assignment

In their article “patients with hippocampal amnesia cannot imagine new experiences’, which appeared in November 2006, Demis Hassabis, et al gives a deep analysis of amnesic patients. He asserts that amnesia is usually a profound loss of memory and caused by physical injuries of the brain or either by the intake of some toxic substances… View Article