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Assessment Writing

My practical work in January 2005 was for option 1. It was a piece of devised drama work and was based on the theme of sisterhood. Our play was about a group of four, seven year old children coming together to help their friend Rachael who is ill. The children act together for Rachael and turn to witchcraft to make her healthier but it fails and at the end of the play Rachael dies. There were 5 people in my drama group which included Rachael, Yasmine, Emily, Rosie and myself. The main theme of our play was sisterhood also the friends acting together to try to make Rachel better this was how sisterhood was used.

My contribution to the performance was as a performer. I had to play the role of one of Rachael’s friends who took part in the spell with the other friends. I also contributed by writing some of the play with the other people in my group. We practiced in lessons and during our lunchtimes so that the play would be ready for its performance date. To help me in my work I looked for information on the internet about health spells as we wanted to use one in our performance. I also looked on the internet to find out more information about leukaemia and its symptoms so that we could include them in our play to make it seem more realistic.

I also looked at one picture and one painting. The picture was a war picture it symbolises women in the war and that they were needed to help to win the war. The painting was of what they look to be children who look as if they are casting a spell of some sort as the picture looks rather mystical. The most useful material I looked at was the information I found from the internet because it helped me understand the symptoms of leukaemia and to look at different kinds of health spells and for us to choose which one was more relevant for our play.

Our piece was set in modern times, however the picture was set in the time of the Second World War and the painting was set it seems in modern times too. The picture and painting were similar to our play because the painting is of children looking as if they are casting a spell as it looks mystical and magical and they look very engrossed in what they are doing this is what we tried to do in our play when we cast the spell.

The picture is similar to our play because it is about women pulling together to try and make a difference and in some aspects our play is about the children pulling together to help Rachael get better. The biggest differences were that the play was set in modern times and not in the Second World War and the play was about a group of friends not of women in the Second World War. The people who appear in our production are mainly children. In contrast, those in the painting and the picture are adults and children. You could tell this because the picture is of women coming together but the painting looks of children.

We chose to perform in the style of naturalist because we wanted to make out the friendship of them to be as real as possible to create more of an effect with the ending. We used informal language as they were children playing and doing children things. In conclusion, I would like to say that the picture and the painting have helped me by seeing how many things use the aspects of sisterhood in many different ways and it is not always obvious. I contributed a lot into this piece of work, I am pleased with the out come and how the others performed in my group.

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