Assessment Essay Topics

Character assessment

I strongly disagree that Beatrice was a weak wife and I think that she did the best that she could have done in the circumstances. Beatrice was a typical nineteen forty’s housewife who’s responsibilities were to look after the home and her family she does this well as she is very caring about her family…. View Article

How and When to Use Performance Assessment Effectively

Performance assessments require students to demonstrate performance of certain skills and create products that demonstrate mastery of certain standards of quality. Performance can be observed while it happens or by examining the student’s product. Performance assessments are developed by defining performance criteria and developing performance tasks or exercises. In defining performance, a teacher must make… View Article

Vocational Assessment Profile

As of this writing Justin Espinoza is of 20 years of age, living in Espanola, New Mexico. He is still a bachelor despite his friendly nature. Born to both Hispanic parents and growing up in a Hispanic environment New Mexico, in effect causes the Hispanic blood to run strong in him. Relationships and Connections Born… View Article

Vulnerability Assessment

The importance and criticality of water for the existence, continuity, safety and comfort of human existence has remained acknowledged since the beginning of human life. Different generations and civilizations have tried in various ways to harness it for diverse purposes, for sustenance, transportation, human safety, irrigation, power generation, and industry. While previous civilizations were content… View Article

Individual and Team Assessment

Organizations, as a collection of individuals, have a responsibility to provide those individuals with an atmosphere where they can be successful. Although providing such an atmosphere falls on the organization, the organization’s members must help further the organization’s goals through their inputs and performance. For the organization’s members to contribute effectively to the organization, they… View Article

Principles and Practise of Assessment

If you was to have a client with sensitive skin and very dry and brittle hair which oil would you use and why? This is an open question and would have several possible answers which will lead to discussion this will require learners to develop deep discussion and evaluate why this oil would benefit a… View Article

What is the purpose of Assessing a learner?

1. What is the purpose of Assessing a learner (1.1) The purpose of assessing a learner is to enable you to see how competent a learner is at their particular profession. To gain the NVQ the learner needs to be assessed and create a portfolio. It will help you ascertain whether or not a learner… View Article

Training Needs Assessment

Training and developing the workforce is an important activity for any activity. Before conducting a training program, organizations should conduct training-needs assessment. It will help the organization in identifying what training the employees have, what they’ll need now, and what will they need in the future. In other words, the needs assessment will help in… View Article

Understanding the Principles and Practises of Assessment

1.1 Assessment measures the learner’s progress towards or the completion of, the learning aim and criteria, and can be used at any point during the learning cycle. It can provide information to adapt the delivery to suit the learner’s needs and abilities; a learner may need more help or time on some aspects, or has… View Article

The Contribution That Technology Can Make to the Assessment Process

Assessment lies at the heart of the learning experience, how learners are assessed shapes their understanding of the curriculum and determines their ability to progress. At the same time, assessment and feedback form a significant part of practitioners’ workloads and, with increased numbers, reduced budgets and higher learner expectations, continue to be a matter of… View Article

Education-Reading Assessment

In determining books for elementary-grade children, it is important that I consider their curriculum as well as the level of their understanding and interest. Children have different interests. By this time, they are also starting to read on their own. Thus, books that they can read-along with, with subjects that they can associate with and… View Article

Assessment for learning

Learning is an innate capability of a person. People perceive things and learn through their experiences while they grow up and develop accordingly with their ages. Aside from the normal people who learn in the normal way, there are off course other people who are above normal, after which learn through special trainings and conditioning…. View Article

Ethical Issues in Testing and Assessment

Counselling psychology plays an essential role in the life of most individuals nowadays. Even various institutions like schools and corporations also used this field of psychology especially in dealing with their students and employees. Counselling psychology is responsible for conducting various tests and assessments in order to measure the intelligence, personality and other related factors… View Article

Peer Assessment

This paper discusses the implementation of peer assessment strategy that I carried out in a primary school in Dar es Salaam during my practicum. It consists of a background, rationale, the implementation process and conclusion. The challenges encountered and their possible solutions on how to overcome them.. Background Black and William (1998) define assessment as… View Article

Table of Specifications

A Table of Specifications is a blueprint for an objective selected response assessment. The purpose is to coordinate the assessment questions with the time spent on any particular content area, the objectives of the unit being taught, and the level of critical thinking required by the objectives or state standards. The use of a Table… View Article