Asia Essay Topics

One team around the world

It is a report for Tesco. It is meant for showing an adult audience of investors how many stores Tesco has around the world. It tells the reader how Tesco is expanding world-wide. This document uses a number of presentation features. It is very formal and factual. There are two different types of charts used,… View Article

The second World War

D-day was heralded as first enormous invasion of the allied on German claimed soil. The army generals and the government wanted to give the impression of complete power and might in their final push to abolish the Nazi slavery of Europe now they had the backing of America and Canada. It was perceived as almost… View Article

Analyse the policies of the Japanese towards

Analyse the policies of the Japanese towards the civilians in East and Southeast Asia between 1937 and 1945, including their implementation and impacts. Evaluate two sources in your answer. Identify components and the relationship between them; draw out and relate implications Hashimoto once said ‘Japan’s national structure is the highest principle of mankind. All the… View Article

The increasing of motorcycle use in southeast Asia

The uncontrolled increasing of motorcycle usage in Indonesia (Tanda. S. Sirait) ABSTRACT The existence of motorcycle in Indonesia has important role as a mean of transportation. On ten years since 2002 to 2012, the growth of motorcycle every year is 18%. This shows that motorcycle growth increases dramatically. Seeing the tendency, it is predicted that… View Article

The East Asian Tiger’s and Their Economic Growth

The East Asian region has seen unparalled economic growth over the past three decades.  It is a phenomenon that the world has never seen before, which has made economists dub them the Asian Tigers.  How did they grow so quickly?  How important were labor unions in their economy?  Why have some East Asian countries economies… View Article

The massacre in Nanking

The massacre in Nanking which is popularized by Chang as the Rape of Nanking is indeed on of the darkest period of Asian history. Although it is described for its cruel and terrible scenes, history has almost forgotten these painful and darkest hours of Nanking people. Thanks to Iris Chang, her book became a living… View Article

Truly Asia

Traveling is both an educational and leisurely activity. Going to different places gives people a chance to learn about new cultures and traditions which can help in the promotion of a pluralistic society. In every place that I explore, I make sure that I enjoy the journey whether it is just by land, water, air… View Article

Canadian International School and Asia

There are certain things in life that are taken for granted. Some people would feel contented with what they have, while others would have a bigger yearning to become someone. Sometimes, what we yearn for in life becomes the very core of our existence, making us hardworking and persevering. My high school was spent in… View Article

Asian Pacific Economy Cooperation

APEC It is an association of economies that share the boundaries of the Pacific Ocean. Under APEC, member economies work together to: * reduce barriers to trade,  * ease the exchange of goods, services, resources and technical know-how, and * Strengthen economic and technical cooperation between and among them. These concerted efforts, ultimately, would result… View Article

The East Asia

The East Asia is basically an Asian sub region. In geographical sense, the East Asia is known to have 12,000,000 km2 under its expanse. This is equivalent to 28% of the Asian continent. This also means that the East Asia outdoes Europe geographically by 15%. Asia also enjoys a large population, given that it hosts… View Article

Shokan Ualikhanov

Shokan Valikhanov – scientist, historian, ethnographer and folklorist, traveler, educator. Father: Chinghis Valikhanov. Mother: Zeynep Chormanova. Wife: Aysary Valikhanova. He was born in 1835 in the fortress Kusmurun (Kushmurun). At birth he was named Muhammad-Kanapiya and his mother called him Shokan. In private elementary school of aul Kushmurun, Shokan learned the basics of Arabic, Persian,… View Article

Central Asia: Geography, Culture and Economy

Russia is the largest country in the world in terms of area covered. The gigantic size of this country has made it exhibit monotony and diversity in its physical and human geography. The eastern plains of Russia from north to south are covered sequentially by tundra, taiga or coniferous forests, mixed forests with trees that… View Article

Aim in Life

Most people in the world have some ambitions in life. A petty merchant has an ambition to become a big business man, a clerk to be a high officer, a student to be a doctor or engineer. Some desire for wealth, some desire for fame and reputation. A proper aim in life keeps a person… View Article

Importance of Cca

From my research, the MOE says, CCAs has been important in the past and it will be more important in the future. This is because some of the key traits that our young need to succeed in the future, a more complex and frequently changing future, will be cultivated most effectively by engaging them in… View Article

COT: Commerce in the Indian Ocean

In the Indian Ocean region from 650 C.E. to 1750 C.E., commerce changed in that there was a shift in dominance over trade, and the demand of certain products changes, and a continuity was the Europeans’ demands for goods from Asia. A change in commerce from 650 C.E. to 1750 C.E. was the changing of… View Article