Artwork Essay Topics

UV-vis works

Even though I accidentally spilled most of my product while pouring it into the separatory funnel, the product left was identical to everyone else’s by comparison of the UV-vis spectrum. Discussion One possible source of error in this experiment occurred when I spilled the product. Although a small amount of it remained in the beaker, I decided… View Article

English course work

For my English course work I was required to re write a newspaper article in the opposite style to the way it was presented in the newspaper it originated from. To do so I was going to have to focus my attention upon the headlines, paragraph structure, typographical and graphological features, punctuation, vocabulary, modifiers and… View Article

The strength of an electromagnet

The object of this project is to plan and carry out a simple, fair, controlled and safe experiment to determine the factors that control the strength of an electromagnet. I know from previous years work that the strength of an electromagnet is determined by the number of coils of wire used, by the amount of… View Article

The role that work has in one’s life

In today’s busy world of lightning fast communication, what has the term “work” come to mean? It can be anything that one must do out of necessity and not out of joy; like raking one’s yard. It may also be defined as a task one must accomplish in a timely manner to be compensated with… View Article

Alternative methods of work

Telecommuting or working from the house, thanks to advanced communication technologies like wireless Internet, has grown tremendously across the United States in recent years. Today, American commute in cars, buses, planes and trains while travel thanks to the possibility to send and submit files to and from the office. Many reasons have been advanced for… View Article

Cultural Relevance of Artwork

The very spirit of an artwork remains in the time it was created. There is no better way to appreciate art than to understand its situational context, that is, the space and time of its creation. Works of art are like photographs taken in a particular time and place. In this paper we explore the… View Article