Arts Essay Topics

Appiled Arts

Although we now tend to refer to the various crafts according to the materials used to construct them-clay, glass, wood, fiber, and metal-it was once common to think of crafts in terms of function, which led to their being known as the “applied arts. ” Approaching crafts from the point of view of function, we… View Article

Performing arts

Art, culture, and society; these three elements are closely linked. These three elements affect one another in one way or another. There is often a conflict of interest between the artist, the audience, and the government body. The artist’s aim is to express art freely. The audience’s aim is to view art in forms that… View Article

Arts & academic

First of all, I have the diligence, determination, and aptitude to take on an Arts degree and make the most out of it. In such a large university, the ability to interact with peers and mentors both on academic and social levels is of also prime importance for survival. I am fortunately blessed with exceptional… View Article

Performing and Visual Arts

Visual and performing arts enhance our lives in a variety of ways. When spanning from things inherent in nature such as the instance of a sunset, sunrise, or perhaps a full moon, to the most mundane and seemingly inane instance of body piercings or an arm tattoo. Art constitutes myriad meanings, translating differently from one… View Article

Visual Arts

Every human being has a significant innate characteristic of being artistic in nature originating from his or her humanistic aspect. In this concept, every single individual has the ability to express him or herself through any form of artistic manifestations and on the other hand, also has the ability to view and recognize different forms… View Article

Mass Culture and the Visual Arts

The essay of Jean Baudrillad is a highly philosophical and sociological paper. It uses complex terms, a lot of analogy, and included a lot of theories which might have been created just for the report. Since Jean Baudrillad is a very accomplished man, his ideas and views are often regarded as top quality, and some… View Article

The field of arts

Since my childhood years, my passion in the field of arts, music and dance has trained me to focus on my goals and strive for excellence. The skills that I have mastered in playing the flute and violin as well as in dancing were not learned overnight. It took many years of hard work, discipline… View Article

Language Arts

This topic will provide students with an interactive method of learning numeracy, literacy, inquiry and responsibility within the environment in which we live (Rice & Wilson, 1999). It gives ample leeway for creating lessons within the subject areas of Science, Mathematics, Language Arts, and Social Studies. Such a unit will make students aware of the… View Article

Evaluating the Arts

The two pieces of art I have chosen to write about are both performance art pieces by Trisha Brown. Brown is a postmodern performance artist whose work is shown throughout the United States, although mostly in small, liberal arts colleges, such as Mills College in California. All of her works are considered to be extremely… View Article

Understanding and Evaluating the Arts

Art is subjective. It varies in recognition and identification, and translates differently from one individual to the next. Art can constitute the traditional slap of paint on canvass, or a drawing and sketch; to some people, it can also relate to something as arbitrary as the instance of a sunrise or sunset, and the ocean….. View Article

Viola Frey

Viola Frey was an American ceramics artist who was known first and foremost for her larger than life sculptures. Viola’s purpose behind these giant figures was to show the world (mainly the art world) that there was more to sculpting clay than small figures, bowls, and cups. In the 1960s and 70s a group of… View Article

Visual Art

The Renaissance time period started around the middle 1400s and ended in the early 1600s. This time period was traditionally viewed as a bridge between the Middle Ages and the Modern era. The Renaissance is best known for its artistic developments and the contributions from a polymathic person by the name of Leonardo Da Vinci…. View Article

Humanities: Arts

With the advent of the computer age, advanced science and technology have overwhelmed many aspects of our lives, and even our possibilities of survival are affected. The humanities can provide enjoyment and stimulation, especially when we try to understand what it covers. The Meaning, Importance, and Scope of humanities The word humanities come from the… View Article

Funds for the arts

In a world that thrives on science, the neglect of the arts is somewhat uncommon. What is baffling though is that the arts could have societal contributions as well. Some would find it hard to agree especially when some of the people had been driven to think that the scientific breakthroughs would be sufficient enough… View Article

Performing Arts

* Dance is a type of art that generally involves movement of the body, often rhythmic and to music. * Music is an art form whose medium is sound and silence. * Theatre (also theater in American English)[1] is a collaborative form of fine art that uses live performers to present the experience of a… View Article