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Form for Summarizing and Evaluating Research Articles

In terms of the social functioning of drug users, Kandel referred to numerous studies that have examined the effect of drug use on social functioning in adolescents and young adults. The author was interested in further examining this topic as it pertains to these individuals’ transitioning into adulthood. Previous studies cited by the author have… View Article

Articles on the Environmental Issues

The earth is in dire need of solutions to combat environmental problems. We have two great weapons that could fight environmental enemies. These are technological innovations and humans’ personal capacity and discipline. Which among these would be more effective and efficient when it comes to the battle of saving the only known living planet in… View Article

Empirical Articles Summary

Empirical research is a study that is based on experimentation or observation. This kind of research gathers evidences coming from collective experience in the field. It is often conducted in order to answer a specific question or to test a hypothesis or an educated guess. Moreover, it is different from other types of research because… View Article

Annotated Bibliographies of Glacier Extinction Related Articles

Al gore delivers this book the impinging global warming by combining the truths through presentation of scientific evidences from experts and helping the audience visualize the facts laid by science through pictures and other forms of visual presentations. Al Gore has been venturing with environmental issues, emphasizing the importance of preserving the environment. The article… View Article

Magazine articles

This paper summarizes two articles related to physics. One, written by Appell David, discussing the possibility of our planet Earth, being engulfed by sun, eventually. Second, is a news item, on the largest Neutrino Telescopic being built at the south Pole. Both articles have appeared in the magazine, ‘Science Daily’. In the first article, the… View Article

Critical Review of three Scholarly Journal Articles

One of the most important finding generated by this paper is the effects of race on the view that police is biased on race. This includes racial profiling of police where Black or minority group in general are most like stopped by police than White American. In all four models, blacks and Hispanics are more… View Article

To what extent did the American Revolution instigate change within the US?

The American Revolution instigated much change within the newly independent nation, particularly political and social, and to a lesser extent, economically. After breaking away from what appeared to be a corrupt government in England, American leaders formed the concepts of their ideal society. Although to them it seemed that these ideas would help them break… View Article