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Article About Love Essay

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Article About Love

Country, Location, & Flag : The name of my country that I am researching is Poland. Poland is located in the heart of Europe, on the North European Plain. It is bordered by the Baltic sea to the North and Northwest. By Germany to the West, by Ukraine, Belarus. Russia and Lithuania to the east and northeast and by Slovakia and the Czech Republic to the south. In general, Poland mountainous in the south with the terrain becoming increasingly flatter toward the north. The flag is just two colors. White on top and red on the bottom.

Climate: The climate in Poland is determined mainly by the country’s geographical location. Poland is in the temperate latitudes. The average annual temperature in Poland is about 8’C/46’F and varies for the regions of Poland depending on height above sea level and distance from the Baltic Sea. In the summer, for instance, temperatures are lower in northern Poland because of the Baltic Sea. The lowest temperatures are in the mountains and the highest are in the western and central Poland. Poland sees an average annual rainfall of 600 millimeters. The highest precipitation is in the mountains and uplands and the lowest occurs in the central, lowland areas of Poland. On the average, precipitation in summer is twice that in the winter.

In the summer months of June, July and August, showers alternate with dry, sunny weather and the temperature averages about 18’C/64’F; the maximum summer temperature is 40’C/104’F. Early autumn is generally sunny and warm before a period of rainy, colder weather in November begins the transition into winter. Winter, which may last one to three months, is cold and cloudy and brings frequent snowstorms but relatively low total precipitation. The average temperature in January is about -4’C/25’F but it can fall as low as -35’C/-31’F.pring arrives slowly in April, bringing mainly sunny days.

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Economic & Political System : Poland has a free market economy. As for the politician system, Poland is a country with a republican political system in which power is concentrated in the citizen’s hands. Poland is a parliamentary democracy which means that all citizens can participate in ruling the state and have a constitutionally guaranteed influence on it’s fate. They also enjoy equal rights.

Major Trading Partners : Major trading partners would have to be, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, & Czech Republic.

Unique Characteristic and Natural Recourses: Well Poland has beautiful mountains, and one really unique thing I like is that the weddings last about three days. Natural resources of Poland are coal, sulfur, copper, natural gas, silver, salt, etc.

Custom & Cultural Info: When greeting someone a good handshake, direct eye contact, a smile and the appropriate greeting for that time of day will suffice. Do not use first names until invited to. Moving from the use of formal to the informal names is such an important step. When it comes to eating most meals are served family-style, and always try a bit of everything. Alcohol is also usually poured in a small glass.

Quality Of life Compare To U.S : I don’t really see a big difference. In both countries people work, go to school, and do the usual.

Currency & Language & Exchange Rate v USD: The currency is zloty and the exchange rate is 0.31 US dollar.

National Foods & How To Say Hello: Most popular dish in Poland would have to be pierogi which is my all time favorite! Bigos, kielbasa, golabki are also very popular and yummy as well! Anyways to say hello in polish you simply say, czesc!

Educational Opportunities ,Current unemployment Rate ,Life Expectancy & GDP: Education is a little different then here in the US. You start off with kindergarten and it goes all the way up to 8th grade and you stay with your class all 8 years, so you never have new kids in your classes. Then from 8th grade you go to a different school to start high school which is 4 years and once you have your class in 9th you stay with them till 12th. It’s a bit confusing but still pretty simple. As for unemployment rate, the currency is 14%! Life expectancy is 76.25 years and the GDP is 514.5 billion USD.

Major Sports & Famous People/ Inventions: They play different sports like basketball and volleyball but of course the major one is SOCCER! My favorite(: As for inventions the bulletproof vest was in fact created by a Polish inventor called Jan Szczepanik in 1901. The vest was made of multiple layers of silk that were specifically woven so that they could stop bullets. The invention turned out be quite successful and the cloth used in the vest passed the practical test when it prevented the assassination of the Spanish king Alfonso XIII. Family Life:

They usually just live like we would in the US. Once you are married you go off with your husband and if you have kids then you just stay in a home with them obviously! Not really anything different or unusual!

Foreign Trade/ Exports & Imports : I’m not sure if Poland has more exports or imports because It kind of balances out. Most of Poland’s imports are capital goods needed for industrial retooling and manufacturing inputs like machinery. Poland exports fruits, vegetables, and dairy products.

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