Article Essay Topics

Critical Review for the Article

The electronic journal entitled: ‘The Long-Term Performance of Horizontal Acquisition’, by Laurence Capron of the Institut Europeen d’Administration des Affaires (INSEAD), published in 1999 by the Wiley and Sons publishing, has studied the creation of “horizontal mergers and acquisition”. In Capron’s paper, he dated his studies from mid-1980’s to early 1990’s financing strategies of firms… View Article

Summary of One Article from Wall Street Journal

In the business world of today, series of economic activities and businesses are conducted through various means that significantly affect these businesses. Advertisement is one of the means of conducting businesses in today’s business environment. Companies try to attract old and new customer in different means using advertisement. The internet is an example of the… View Article

Article and Game

Jenna Winckler had eight kills to pace Andes Central in its 3-1 victory over Bridgewater-Emery Monday night. The Eagles won by scores of 15-25, 25-7, 25-20, and 25-15. Amy Chykta had four service aces and 10 set assists, and Danielle Walder had 13 digs for Andes Central. Jessie VanLeur led the Huskies with five service… View Article

Implications on Psychology of the Article

Implications on Psychology of the Article “Cultural Sensitivity and Cultural Competence” It was argued by Trimble (2003) that psychological constructs and studies should not be analyzed and taken in apart from a view on culture and ethnic background. The proposition had its strengths; however its absolute disqualification of psychological findings, made seemingly without regard to… View Article

Analysis of the Structure of a Newspaper Article

The structure of a newspaper article is very important. A well-structured article should be helpful for the reader to follow and understand the story, and most importantly, it should engage the reader, encouraging them to read on. The following articles, ‘Germany grieves for a hero who dared not admit struggle with mental illness. ’ from… View Article

Artistic Behavior in the Human Female

The passage above comes from the article, “Artistic Behavior in the Human Female,” by Jean Robertson (2003, p. 24). Robertson (2003) argued that female artists define and interpret female sexuality in diverse and conflicting ways, and by using different artistic strategies. Robertson makes assumptions about the woman’s body as a contested terrain, wherein being a… View Article

Jean Kilbourne’s article “Jesus is a brand of jeans”

The thesis of Jean Kilbourne’s article “Jesus is a brand of jeans” is that everything in the world is just a stuff to be consumed or to be used to sell people something, and changes peoples’ outlook. Relationships, for example, are used to sell people jewelries for their loved ones. Other advertisements take advantage of… View Article

A Review of Bathing Beauties

Anna Schnur-Fishman presents a compelling argument for teaching healthy body image and self esteem in her article “Bathing Beauties”. Set in the communal shower of a summer camp, Schnur-Fishman described how she and her friends developed their positive body image. Through group support and open conversations, the girls who showered in the communal shower and… View Article

Analyzing Garret Harding’s Article

This paper seeks to analyze the article “The Tragedy of the Commons” by Hardin (1968). The first part summarizes the main thesis by identifying the principle or principles that Hardin used to explain the Tragedy as he defines it. The second part describes how Hardin’s thesis would apply to production of smog pollutants in California…. View Article

A Response to Eat, Memory: Orange Crush

The article titled “Eat, Memory: Orange Crush” by Yiyun Li recounts the influence of a western orange product (Tang) to a Chinese girl. The main character, Yiyun Li, recollect a time in her life when growing up she wished to live a Tangy life, which to her symbolizes western luxury and a life of style…. View Article

Article with logical fallacies

Christians believe God created the whole world because he had the powers, this make them argue out the theory of evolution which states that each and every creature that exist has undergone the process of evolution. Due to the believe in the theory of creation, religion has given trust to their creator who is god,… View Article

Article Review of “Fat and Happy”

In “Fat and Happy: In Defense of Fat Acceptance,” Mary Ray Worley offers a poignant account of her participation in a conference held by the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance. She compares attending this conference with visiting another planet. Until she had the opportunity to visit this other planet, she had not realized just… View Article

Planning for Hypertexts in the Writing Center…Or No

Michael Pemberton asserts in his article “Planning for Hypertexts in the Writing Center…Or Not”, that this new age of technology brings with it a dilemma facing writing centers that stems from the perceived need for writing centers to assimilate hypertexts into their topics mentored, the willingness of the writing centers to accommodate hypertexts and if… View Article

The article of Joanne Thomas

In her article on obesity, Joanne Thomas commences by providing insight to her readers on issues influencing obesity in the community. From Thomas’ perspective, efforts by the government which are normally observed through development and implementation of policies are inadequate in addressing obesity. To address the issue effectively, changes in individual lifestyle are of the… View Article