Arthur Miller Essay Topics

The Crucible by Arthur Miller

‘The Crucible ‘ by Arthur Miller, is set in 1692, on the Salem witch trials and compared with McCarthyism in 1950’s, the time it was written. ‘The Crucible’ is a fictional retelling of events in American history surrounding the Salem witch trials of the seventeenth century, yet it is as much a product of the… View Article

The writer Arthur Miller

The writer Arthur Miller based the play, ‘A View from the Bridge’ on two Sicilians who value honour and respect. The Play is told in the eye of Alfieri, A lawyer who is a witness and a character, which was involved in the events. This play shows how the Sicilians fit into an Italian, American… View Article

Arthur Miller’s play

This essay will explore the theme of masculinity as presented by Eddie and Rodolpho in Arthur Miller’s play of a view from the bridge. I will do this by analysing what the male characters say, and how it shows their view of masculinity. A View From The Bridge, which was based in New York, was set… View Article

How does Miller portray Proctor in this extract?

The opening stage directions from this extract immediately show the mood of the play, and the extreme tension that the characters are under, “It is as though they are stood in a spinning world. It is beyond sorrow, above it.” This shows us that the play has reached the moment of crisis, and that the… View Article

Lloyd Georgewin

The stage direction ‘with a sense of her childhood, her babyhood and the years’ describes the great sense of loss Eddie feels as he has cared and loved her all her life. Beatrice remains faithful to Eddie throughout although she is frustrated, ‘When am I gonna be a wife again, Eddie? ‘ she tells him,… View Article

Samara Aziz 20th century drama coursework

  We see how Catherine has an open relationship with her ‘father figure’ by the way in which she talks and acts around him, but this could be what attracts Eddie to her. Catherine is a very nai?? ve person. She is a young minded and obviously unaware of her blossoming sexuality. As the play… View Article

Look at the beginning of act two

And doesn’t eat herself since she has presumably eaten with the children. In those times, (1692) wives were expected to stay at home, clean the house, cook the food, take care of the children, and obey their husbands. They were also expected to be good Christians, be calm, quiet etc. To express these qualities above,… View Article

John Proctor is the tragic hero of The Crucible

‘ He is showing he will stop at nothing to get her out of prison and reassuring Elizabeth that she has nothing to worry about. In this scene some of his actions however can be proven to be un-heroic such as the way he treats his servant Mary Warren, this is shown when he says… View Article

Letters Home

She had been going around all over the place and Frederick was bound to be dragged in to the situation. I always knew it would only ever end in tragedy. Everyone was talking about her all over Rome. She would be seen all over the town with a different man on her arm every time…. View Article

Modern Drama

  Through Shakespeare, came the birth of four major tragedies – ‘Hamlet’, ‘King Lear’, ‘Othello’, and ‘Macbeth’. Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ made tragedies problematic. The play was all about whether it was right to take vengeance into your own hands, or whether you should delegate justice into the organs of the state. Arthur Miller, who turned the… View Article

The Crucible dramatic and emotional

I wanted to make my version of Arthur Miller’s yellow bird scene in ‘The Crucible’ dramatic and emotional. I wanted to create dramatic tension in the scene by emphasizing how angry, frustrated, and emotional the characters are. At the start of this scene Abigail crated a vision of yellow bird. I made Abigail look frightened… View Article

Act three of the crucible

This leaves Mary Warren accused, with no way out, as Abigail expands on this statement to make it seem more realistic. Abigail has achieved what she wanted, she has gotten the attention away from herself using her accusations. The tension builds as we don’t know what Abigail is going to do next and we know… View Article

The Crucible by Arthur Miller

Arthur Miller wrote a play called ‘The Crucible’ in the early 50s. Even though the text in the play tells the story of some of The Salem Witch Trials, there is evidence which shows that Miller clearly connects his own communist trial by McCarthy to the outrageous trials of the witches. Due to this disgraceful… View Article

A view from the bridge

There are many emotions in the play: Love, hatred, jealousy, and anger. Write about one and how it is presented in the play. I have chosen to look at the emotion love and the part it plays in affecting the storyline. In ‘A View From the Bridge’ by Arthur Miller most of the characters’ actions… View Article

The dramatic effects used by Miller in “The Crucible”

This creates great interest and tension in the audience as they begin to fear what will happen to the girls. The fear of Mary Warren is very obvious from this quote in how she says “witchery’s a hangin’ error” and how she begins to beg Abigail to tell the truth. This is the first time… View Article