Arthur Essay Topics

Arthur Birling and inspector goole

    Priestley shows this in the section after the inspector has left “I remember what he said, how he looked, how he made me feel. Fire and blood and anguish. ” This shows the affect that he had on certain characters was very big. In his closing speech the Inspector left with a warning;… View Article

Lamb to the Slaughter

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s style of making the reader want to read on is a world apart from Dahl’s efforts, although the actual plot hooks you immediately in any Sherlock Holmes story. Doyle focuses on the man himself to ensure the reader’s full attention to the story. He uses Holmes’ superb character, a man sharper… View Article

In rehearsing and performing

When I performed my character I put on a bad back as in the 17th century middle aged women were getting on a bit and would have had injuries. Mrs Putnam behaves in shock and panic because she cannot believe what is going on around her. First of all Abigail states ” She makes me… View Article

Vinegar tom by caryl Churchill

Respond with knowledge and understanding to the crucible by Arthur miller and vinegar tom by caryl Churchill. Looking closely at the drama from a performance perspective and to explore relationships and comparisons between texts and dramatic styles of different periods and cultures to show an awareness of their social context and genre. The plays; “the… View Article

King Arthur

While significant attention is given to the potential historical origins of King Arthur, the Arthur who lingers in pop consciousness is the product of the romantic imaginings of literature and poetry. It is frequently asserted that he is a product of a medieval zeitgeist, which needed a heroic figure to represent the values of its… View Article

Historical King Arthur

King Arthur is one of the most well known historical figures of all time. One of the most interesting debates surrounding the legends and tales of King Arthur is whether or not he truly existed. The debate has its roots in the Renaissance time when Arthur’s existence was defended as the basis for the Tudor… View Article

Beowulf and King Arthur

All these heroes did different things for their people. They have different set of qualities which make them heroes and since there are many heroic adventures and qualities, most of them are shared in part or as a whole with other heroes. That becomes the case between the two great heroes Beowulf and King Arthur…. View Article