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Argentina Essay Examples

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An American Gaucho in Argentina

I. Identification of Problems With the development of economic integration globally, man is beginning a new era of global negotiation. Cross-cultural business negotiations that between business people who from different countries with different mentalities and cultures are becoming more and more frequent. At present, people gradually concern the problems, which are triggered by cross-cultural business…

Barrick Gold Case study

The purpose of this case analysis is to describe the communication problem and the resulting symptoms that are occurring with Barrick Gold Mine Company happening at the peak of Andes range, the Pascua-Lama development, and the concerns of its stakeholders. As an ending to this case analysis there shall be a solution provided on how…

Case Study: Telefonica

Spain’s Telefonica had the chance to start expanding globally thanked to two significant changes in the economic and political environment: privatization and deregulation. Telefonica was a typical state-owned national telecommunication monopoly when being established and then, the Spanish government privatized it and deregulated the Spanish telecommunications market. It means that Telefonica from a state-owned company…



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Motorcycle Diaries Essay

The movie “The Motorcycle Diaries” is very interesting in a way that, Ernesto not only takes a journey across Latin America but he also experiences a mental journey. His way of thinking and outlook on life changes drastically and this is illustrated all throughout the movie. He also discovers a great deal about life in…

Unifying Effect

Before the advent of the nineteenth century, Argentina, like the rest of the Latin American region, had been under the rule of Spain. As such, its people had no clear cultural identification that would clearly pronounce their difference from their long-term colonizers (Chasteen and Wood 106). As a result of the colonization, many Europeans made…

Cuba and Argentina are in Latin America

Although both Cuba and Argentina are in Latin America, they still have differences in cultures and even in educational systems. Moreover, despite the fact that these two countries are close in terms of literacy rates (although Argentina is slightly higher than that of Cuba), the two countries have much differences in educational practices. In Cuba,…

Argentine Market

The current status of the Argentine Market has remained open to foreign investments. The Argentine market offers a wide array of opportunities which serve as a great factor for attracting American and other foreign investors to invest (“Argentina,” 2007). To invest in the Argentine market, foreign business entities must always be keen the position held…

Impact of Columbus’ Voyages on the Indigenous People

The indigenous people were accustomed to sicknesses of their own but none like the ones brought by the Spanish. With the coming of these diseases many of the indigenous people died from small pox and chicken pox. Realizing this effect the diseases had on them many might have committed suicide and led up to other…

Jose de San Martin

In Argentina war of independence was fought from 1810 to 1818 by Argentine forces under Jose de San Martin against royalist forces loyal to the Spanish crown. On July 9, 1816, an assembly met in San Miguel de Tucuman, declared full independence with provisions for a national constitution. Chile This war of independence was an…

Transition From Authoritian Rule In Argentina

The transition of governments between various systems of rule is an on-going and never-ending process.  Every geopolitical entity in the world is under some form of government, be it barbarian or advanced, and no two governmental systems function in exactly the same way.  The system of government used in a certain area, territory or country…

The Transformation Process of Aceitera General Deheza

I. Executive Summary AGD or Aceitera General Deheza is a company in Argentina that produces and exports oil. This company was founded by Adrian Urquia in the year 1948. AGD used to be a small oil-processing factory but it changed in the year 1990 where it became the biggest indigenous firm in the industry. Nowadays…

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