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Area Essay Examples

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Vernier Caliper

Abstract The Purpose of this lab is to introduce the basic measurement techniques for the fundamental quantities such as length and mass, to introduce quantitative analysis tools such as the average and the percent difference, and to reinforce other concepts such as unit conversion. In this lab we measured the dimensions of a wooden block…

Steam Nozzle

Unit-2 Subject : Applied Thermodynamics : Question bank Steam Nozzle-(Theory) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 What is steam nozzle? Why it is convergent divergent? What assumptions are adopted in analyzing flow through nozzle? Explain the significance of critical pressure ratio. What is the steady flow energy equation of nozzle? Explain its…

Equity Contribution for Pilgrim Assurance Building

On behalf of David Bailey, there have been individuals looking into the property located at 795 Atlantic Avenue. As an investor, Bailey is interested in making an offer on the property however he is trying to make his offer look more attractive than the competitors. With thorough research, he has found ways that would improve…



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You Decide. Policies

1. What should be included in the exhibitor’s policies, procedures, and practices, and regulations? Hopefully, the event space will have a manual for event organizers to read and follow. A manual would be ideal to use for guidance, as well as, ensuring that all policies, procedures and regulations are followed by all guest and clients….

Layout of Delhaize De Leeuw supermarket in Ouderghem case study

Layout of Delhaize De Leeuw supermarket in Ouderghem, Belgium The Delhaize Group operates over 400 retail outlets in Belgium, of which there are around 100 local Delhaize De Leeuw supermarkets. Delhaize supermarkets compete both by choices of location, which are convenient for frequent shoppers, and by the quality of the products and service. To remain…

AQA AS Geography Fieldwork Ashes Hollow

AS Fieldwork Report Introduction Aim To investigate the downstream changes in channel variables at Ashes Hollow Stream. Hypothesis “Discharge increases with Distance from Source” Location and description of the location Ashes Hollow Stream is an area fairly untouched by human activity, with safe, easy access and the Stream is shallow due to being in the…

Fitness Plus: A Case Study of Capacity

Fitness Plus is a full-service fitness club that has sustained tremendous growth since its opening. Recently, management became aware of overcrowding and unavailability of equipment in certain areas and is now trying to determine how to properly evaluate the situation and decide if there is enough room at the current building to properly service existing…

Functional areas in oxfam and sainsburys

The main purpose of the Finance department is to support the overall aim of making a profit by working with other departments to make sure they don’t spend too much money and that what they are doing is profitable. They also work with other departments to finance the purchase of more efficient equipment. Research &…

The Resistivity of Wires

Introduction Anthony Gullan Physics Coursework An Investigation to Find the Resistivity of Wires The Experiment The experiment that was used to obtain the results was very simple. The voltage and current were measured whilst varying the length of wire. The results for voltage and current were recorded along with the diameter of the wire. This…

Increase in energy

Introduction Resistance is the opposition a component has on the flow of current and it is measured in Ohms. Resistance occurs as the electrons move along the wire they collide with the metal atoms. These collisions make the atoms vibrate more, which make the metal hotter, they also slow down the flow of electrons causing…

What affects the resistance of a wire?

An average was taken from the two sets of results, which was used to calculate the final resistance across the wire at each length. Using these findings for the resistance, a graph was produced. By taking into perspective the procedures used to carry out the experiment, as well as the results we obtained, I can…

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