Are women more religious than men Essay

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Are women more religious than men

According to Miller and Hoffmann there is a belief that women are more likely to express greater interest in religion, have a stronger personal commitment and attend church more often. In my own experiences of church my mother my sister and I attend church regularly whilst my brother and father hardly ever attend church giving some evidence in support of Miller and Hoffmann’s view. Furthermore having had a debate with a number of people in my sixth form on

attendance levels at religious organisations and religiosity levels of males and females, I found that females viewed religion as more important than males. I became even more interested when a fellow student commented that she thought that males aren’t as religious as females because by identifying with another male in terms love and superiority is an uncomfortable and foreign concept for them. Some argue that Males also believe attending church is a feminine activity.

It should be clear that I am focusing on Christianity for the purposes of my coursework. My research will be conducted through using detailed interviews of male attitudes to attending church and the concept of God. I will ask males in my church and from my sixth form the questions will aim to answer whether they think women are more religious, whether it is hard to be comfortable to be loved by another man; whether they believe church is a feminine activity and finally whether father figures affect whether young boys attend church.

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