Arab Essay Topics

Saudi Arabian Economy

Saudi Arabia is one of the richest countries in the Middle East. It is known to have the largest amount of oil reserves in the world and it is the largest producer of oil in the world. Oil, Black Gold as it is called today is one of the most precious commodities in the world… View Article

The Sukuk

Sukuk (literally: “certificates”) is an Arabic word, nowadays referring to a financial certificate which complies with Shariah (Islamic law) to act as an Islamic bond (Qamar, A 2007; Sukuk 2007).  In the classical period of Islam, sukuk simply referred to any document that represented a conveyance or a contract of rights, moneys or obligations conducted… View Article

Between Two Worlds: Escape From Tyranny by Zainab Salbi

“Zainab Ali……She holds degrees from George Mason University and the London School of Economics.” “Laurie Becklund is an award-winning Los Angeles journalist and author. A former Los Angeles Times reporter, she wrote the first story about Zainab in 1991, when Zainab was a young woman stranded in America due to the Gulf War.” A summary… View Article

Poisoning in Saudi Arabian homes

ABSTRACT Being one of the major causes of morbidity and mortality, this paper shall examine the prevalence of poisoning in Saudi Arabian homes by looking into the different factors that contribute to the commonness of such. The study, in its hopes of finding the factors related to the topic, made use of two kinds of… View Article

The Palestinian Question

Introduction Moses, one time prince of Egypt turned escaped murderer, was tending his flock when one day he saw a ‘Burning Bush.’ The burning bush boomed with the voice of God and told him to “Lead my people out of Egypt, and deliver them to the land of Milk and Honey[1]” the land of Cannan…. View Article

Al Jazira: The Genius Inventor

Air conditioning is one of the most crucial appliances in almost all homes and businesses in the Arab world. The Saudi Arabian climate can be characterized as a desert climate, with wide fluctuations in day and night temperatures. The climate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has resulted in the installation of air conditioning in… View Article

Utility of Domesticated Animals

The biosphere around us comprises of plants, animals and humans. Each has its own role and part to play. They contribute immensely to make it functional and viable for each other. It is indeed true that it would not be full circle if one part or whole would be missing. Man however has utilized his… View Article

Al Jazirah: The Genius Inventor

THE HOT WEATHER Air conditioning is one of the most crucial appliances in almost all homes and businesses in the Arab world. The Saudi Arabian climate can be characterized as a desert climate, with wide fluctuations in a day and night temperatures. The climate is typified by high temperature in the summer, often rising 45… View Article

Can Sudan Split Without Falling Apart?

1. The fact that families like Achai Chol’s are leaving northern Sudan indicates that the people would rather be in southern Sudan fighting for southern independenceto stopthe imminent war and creating a better life for them and their families. 2. The thesis of the article is that Sudan has been politically unstable over the period… View Article

Java: United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabian Culture

International business and information technology are two important aspects of globalization. We live in a world that requires culture awareness, which is also the first step in doing international business. In the case The Java Lounge – Adjusting to Saudi Arabian Culture, the business has been successful because its entrepreneurs spent time and money to… View Article

One Thousand And One Nights

Author’s Note: I will confess that “sucked-into-video-game” styled stories have always been a guilty pleasure of mine. My only complaint is that they always tend to follow the same formula. With that in mind, I am going to try and switch things up a bit with this story. I hope you enjoy it, and regardless… View Article

“Anti-Americanism” in the Arab World

This essay turns to history to answer the oft-asked question “Why do they (Arabs) hate us (America)?” True, you cannot generalize about 280 million Arabs each with its own tradition and history. However, there are certain historical and political contexts that can explain the rise of anti-American sentiment. The claim: Anti-Americanism is a recent phenomenon… View Article

Dubai: Globalization on Steroids

Promotions for Dubai on CNN, BBC World, and other satellite channels show a shimmering skyline of glass and steel office towers with their graceful curves and aquiline shapes, suggesting a distant galaxy where all the unpleasantness of urban life has been airbrushed away. But advertising almost always offers more promise than reality, whether the product… View Article

Sombrero: Proposed Fruit Juice

Moawia had five days to decide. Should be open a fruit juice business in the Al Ain Mall or continue as the operating manager at the Al Qatara bowling alley in the Al Ain Club? He had been very successful running big bowling tournaments attended by people from all over the Gulf region and had… View Article

Syedna Mohammed BurhanuddinTUS‘s Qasida

INTRODUCTION Fatemi Literature bears witness to Doat Kiram AS’s firm devotion to the zikr of Amirul mumineenAS. They have a characteristic approach different from others in recognizing the disposition of Amirul mumineenAS.and in this way they have made a significant contribution in the field of knowledge. Out of the treasure of knowledge, one can distinguish… View Article