Applied Essay Topics

Theoretical Models for Understanding Behavior

In special education it is vital to have an understanding of human behavior and how it relates to learning disabilities. It is imperative to have a grasp of the concepts of the models and how it relates to the educators of tomorrow. (Wheeler, John J. , Richey, David Dean, 2010) Understanding models of behavior also… View Article

Western Governors University

The APEX Company has the mission to “Exceed customers’ expectations in providing consulting services of a superior value. ” To be successful in that mission, it is imperative that we are diligent in maintaining a good and solid reputation in every endeavor we undertake. Who we are and how we run our business is guided… View Article

Code of Ethics

Almost every organization, institution and profession has a set of code of ethics which are generally expected to guide their stakeholders on how to handle particular issues within that fall within their place of work. Basically, such code of ethics are instituted and adopted in organizations as well as professions as a way of ensuring… View Article

“Does this Milkshake Taste Funny?”

The major players in this case study are George Stein and Paul Burnham with regards to their employment at Eastern Dairy. The major issues at play relate to poor business planning, improper management, lack of ethics (decisions made by George and Paul) and social responsibility (the possible health issues of related to the contaminated products)…. View Article

The Aca Codes of Ethics

The code of ethics which reverberated within my mind was the American Counseling Association’s Code of Ethics. ACA goes into more depth about principles that new up and coming counselors and professional should focus on. ACA emphasizes on the cultural context of making ethical decisions. It is important that counselors increase conscious ways to apply… View Article