Anxiety Essay Topics

The Success of Treatments for Social Anxiety Disorder

With the increased dependence on others because of the boom in societies’ populations, social skills are becoming more of a necessity in the normal functioning of individuals. Behaviors which obstruct the normal functioning of individuals in social situations are therefore a growing cause of concern. One such behavior is the psychological disorder, social anxiety disorder…. View Article

Social Phobia Treatment

Introduction             Social Phobia is a serious condition that needs to be countered immediately. This is a psychological disorder wherein one tends to be fearful of being in social gatherings and hinders one from associating with other people. When a person finds it hard to mingle with others, it translates into fewer chances of expressing… View Article

Feminist Times: a Jury of Her Peers

Susan Glaspell was born in 1882; she wrote a short story called “A Jury of Her Peers” based on her play Trifles. Susan Glaspell received a degree in philosophy from Drake University. She became a newspaper reporter in Des Moines. The writer married a freethinker who believed in free love. In 1916 the author was… View Article

Identify Tranisitions Experienced by Most Children and Young People

A Transition is a movement, passage or change from one position, state, stage, subject or concept to another. The change can be gradual or sudden and last for differing time periods, meaning some transitions are short term while others are long term. Children make transitions without prior experience so it may feel daunting such as… View Article

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Imagine staying away from everybody, isolating yourself form someone you love, a family member or colleague because they seem to be sick. Imagine not being able to shake hand, kiss, or hug anybody because you are concerned that you might get some bacteria form them. Imagine not being able to open a door or pressing… View Article

Public Speaking

The fear of public speaking describes the lack of confidence a person has in their abilities. Making them questioning their knowledge and the ability to convey the information they have to present. Cause the presenter to question how themselves. Stripping a person’s confidence will likely lead to them anxiety. Worrying about what the audience thinks… View Article

Psychology Research

What are the main points of both articles? Anxiety Disorder: Panic Attacks. It can happen anytime, anywhere. Unexpectedly, out of the blue, your heart starts to speed up, your face goes red and you go through shortness of breath. One feels dizzy, nauseated and out of control. A number of people even think like they’re… View Article

Review of Anxiety Scales for Children and Adults

Abstract             Psychology testing is very abstract form of testing.  It needs to be based on good research and solid evidence in order to be considered effective.  This review goes in depth to examine the use of this test and how valid it is at proving the existence and level of anxiety in children and… View Article

Anxiety and depression: its correlation and causes

Anxiety is associated with helplessness, physiological arousal or somatic symptoms and is associated with anticipated threats while depression is characterized by hopelessness,  anhedonia or social withdrawal and is preceded by loss (Stein & Hollander, 2002). In the tripartite model, anxiety and depression share a common element: they both have general negative affectivity, representing negative valence… View Article

Value and Research

The purpose of this assignment is to critique and evaluate the chosen article in terms of strengths and weaknesses, and to demonstrate an understanding of the research process. This article takes you through a critical appraisal exercise using an article from a Medical Journal. It describes how you decide whether to read and use an… View Article

An Outline of Performance Anxiety in Female Athletes

Have you ever felt an overwhelming feeling of fear or nervousness, prior to competing in an important event? Did it affect your ability to perform? If so, you may be familiar with performance anxiety. An athlete suffering from performance anxiety often will perceive competitive situations as threatening, which can result in feelings of apprehension, fearfulness… View Article

The presence of our English Teacher

A pleasant evening to each and everyone of you. First of all, I would like to acknowledge the presence of our English Teacher, Tchr. JM Sayson.. for giving us “The Sunscreen”. Ladies and gentlemen of the class of 2012, this is our story – our history. If I could offer you only one tip for… View Article

Stress and Anxiety in Sports

Introduction: Sports have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, and I know from countless experiences how stress and anxiety can affect ones performance. Anyone involved in sports in anyway will understand the feelings that rush through you when you are in a high risk, and high pressure situations…. View Article

The Impact of Stress on Employees Motivation

Background of the Study Stress Management is defines a set of skills which enables one to manage, recover ,helps one in coping with the deficiencies .These types of skills or techniques helps one to develop himself/herself in difficult times.( Jonathan.C.Smith,2002). Stress can be called as the physical as well as mental response to things, feelings… View Article

A Railway Journey

I am a frequent traveller. That’s because I am a small town boy from Rourkela studying in the national capital of India. My batch friends who live nearby take every opportunity to go home be that a one day holiday or a week’s holiday. I on the other hand cannot exploit every holiday because travelling… View Article