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Anthropology is the study of humans and society and cultures within that society. It studies how we as people evolve and change based on different locations in the world and different ways in which we are raised. Culture is learned through childhood and growing up watching how things are done and learning what actions are deemed acceptable. So when you are an anthropologist and step back to look at different societies, you are able to see difference between the same human in rituals, work, and the basic things they do to survive.

Anthropologist look at different historical actions and the present day lives of citizens in culture to understand differences between themselves and the culture and society they are studying and may even take part in. Anthropology raises some issues within one culture while studying other cultures normal way of life. In order to understand what you are seeing and studying, you must actually watch or take part in other cultures and see what and especially why they do certain things.

This can bring up questions of ethics. When people go to other places to study and learn other’s culture you must try to leave your culture and way of life behind. Anthropologists are not around to spread what they deem the best culture but to learn and understand what other cultures do and why they do those certain things. In the past, Anthropology was studying people far away from you with different types of lives and cultures.

Recently, however anthropology has become the study of cultures you may actually take part in. Learning and improving upon yourself and your way of life. Anthropologists also study of all different things from the way culture is passed on, survives through the generations, and how people use culture in different societies to solve unexplainable events, disease, and way to act in a culture.

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