Android Essay Topics

Android Technology

Android technology is a type of OSS (open source software), which is a type of software readily available with a source code that isn’t held exclusive by copyright laws. Android is made specially for mobile devices and includes: software that provides common services for computer applications, middleware, which lets multiple applications run at the same… View Article

Android Apps for Muslim Students

As promised, here’s the Android edition of Apps for the Muslim Student. Again, I’ve only selected apps that are free (college students I gotchu) but if you have a personal recommendation, be sure to post it in the comments section. 1) SimpleSalat by SimpleSalat Like the iOS App Store, Google Play (Market) has a ton… View Article

Google Inc. is an American multinational corporation

These include search, cloud computing, software, and online advertising technologies. Most of its profits are derived from AdWords. Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were Ph.D. students at Stanford University. Together they own about 16 percent of its shares. They incorporated Google as a privately held company on September 4,… View Article

Htc inc five forces analysis

I. Industry background and five force model a. Company’s product and segment of industry Nowadays, smart phones become the most popular products that are being chosen by the customers. The global mobile phone market has strongly increased from year 2007 until now, in 2011 the first time sale amount of Smartphone higher than sale amount… View Article

IPhone vs. Android

Educated, illiterate, professional, stay at home moms, all of these have the same thing in common. Majority of them all have some type of smart phone whether it is an Android or IPhone. Fifty percent of American adults have a smart phone (cite this). Smart phones tie into everyone’s life at some point. Whether you… View Article

Android Apps

Today’s society is said to belong to the information age where information is considered to be valuable asset with this, different technologies are made so as to ensure the proper handling of information. There are databases and computer to name a few. The above mentioned however are bulky and thus, their use is limited to… View Article

How Smart phone impact on Human life

World is ever changing and advancing in the science and technology. These days it seems hard to escape the presence of technology. Most people will praise the many technological gadgets that they use in their everyday lives. Many of us depend on it to get us through the day, to do our work, to get… View Article

HTC Case Synopsis

COMPANY HISTORY HTC Corporation, stands for High Tech Computer Corporation, located in Taiwan, was founded by three members, Cher Wang (chairman), HT Cho (director and chairman), and Peter Chou (President and CEO) in 1997. HTC started as an original designer and equipment manufacturer that designs products such as mobile phones and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant)…. View Article

Review of Related Literature and Studies

Parents Portal The Parents Portal gives the parent an opportunity to view their student’s schedules, performance, and statement of accounts. Parents also have access to review current contact information, which may be used to help the school maintain accurate contact data. Online Reporting is the innovative use of media and communication technologies such as emails,… View Article