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Analysis Paper, Wikipedia Essay

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Analysis Paper, Wikipedia

Launched on 15 January 2001, Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that uses the web platform for online users to access. Boasting with over 26 million pieces of writing in 285 languages, Wikipedia has transformed to be a giant in the field of search engines optimization technology. The open source concept that it rides have made it cheap to access and a better choice for many online users. This is especially among the users who find it cumbersome to follow prolonged registration processes to access information on the internet.

Any search term queried on the Google™ home page search engine will definitely give a hit from the Wikipedia site, and if not present, a prompt will request the user to create a page for such a term. In this way, Wikipedia has extended the public space for an open system where the public can have their inputs to extend knowledge regardless of their academic backgrounds, race, religion, sex or any other biases. To achieve correct information dissemination, Wikipedia has endeavored to make sure the uploaded information is open to scrutiny and changes due to the emerging data and facts.

This way, they achieve by subjecting the information to peer reviews and editing platform that is open to all users, with the exception of some website pages that require an initial formal request to edit changes. Wikipedia is an ongoing work that will continue to be part of the queries by internet users who range from a variety of academic backgrounds, professionals, age and continents. I, therefore, wish to offer my reflection on the process of editing on a Wikipedia page for a query that requires a peer review.

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My chosen search term to the Wikipedia website is “Jackie Chan” that will be the basis for evaluation on this discussion. The choice of my username, “shuzhang1990” is solely for ease of remembrance reason. This is because I have a multitude of usernames and passwords for different sites, hence find it cumbersome to log in from one site to another. However, the term “shuzhang1990” is easy to recall for it is the year of my birth. Jackie Chan is an iconic name in the entertainment industry having featured in a number of award winning films involving stunts.

In this particular article, issues have been raised for peer review. To begin with, the article appears to lack information by a way of proper referencing from reliable sources. Secondly, it sets a bad precedence to talk of personality biographies to the living. It is to my view that any article and especially the ones found in the Wikipedia should not have a biased or libelous view on issues. To correct this misgiving, I suggest that a proper research be conducted in regards to Jackie Chan from renowned journalists, who may find it a pleasure to access and interview Jackie Chan himself.

In this regard, my role would fit in well as a peer reviewer rather an author or illustrator. This is partially because I possess excellent skills on information searching, data analysis and attention to details and because it is highly unlikely for me to secure a face-to-face interview session with Jackie Chan. However, due to the amount of time needed in background research and analysis, I would only attempt to add “Off Camera” section that will be open for peer review and talk on the website.

Wikipedia Sandbox is a platform in the Wikipedia site that offers an experimental practical approach to editing articles in the Wikipedia. It is clearly structured with, my only proposition; to be that the summary area should be highlighted in a different color. This can be red and flagged so as to enable the editors make a brief comment on what they have edited. It should also be a compulsory section before any changes can be effected to the article.

I barely spend two minutes on the Wikipedia Sandbox section for it was clear and direct. The uploaded edited section of the Wikipedia was a contribution to the personal life of Jackie Chan. This is an important share about Jackie Chan because he stands out as an iconic figure role model to many. A wealth of information on his background; where he was raised, where he went to school and what he did to stand out in his career can all be an accumulated treasure that would open opportunities to a new generation Jackie Chan’s.

This would be very encouraging to the children who come from the Far East countries, Hong Kong in particular, where Jackie Chang was born. I hereby suggest the peer reviewers to contribute and add factual and reliable sources in regards to Jackie Chan past interviews on his personal life. In conclusion, the edited section on the Wikipedia site opens a new area for contribution on the Jackie Chan personal life. This will enable easy retrieval on the chronological account to the life times of Jackie Chan should he die. I wish Jackie Chan to live long!

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