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Analysis of The Movie “Patch Adams” Essay

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Analysis of The Movie “Patch Adams”

The film opens. Patch has checked into a mental institution. His condition was depression. The environment looks like a jail cell, dark and depressing. During his stay, he realizes that the doctors did not help him in his recovery. Patch Adams’ psychologist was indifferent to the patients in general. The psychologist did not show any interest in his patient. Pach Adams’ psychologist seems to not have any interest in listening to Patch Adams\’ feelings. In many cases, he is more interested in his cup of coffee. Patch Adams realizes that he is not being heard and lose the trust of his psychologist. He makes great friends at the mental institution; regardless of his condition, Patch Adams was able to help some of the patients at the mental institution. He started by showing interest in their problems and helping them to overcome their fears. Without studies, Patch Adams showed more skillfulness in listening and having a humanistic tool than the medical staff. Later, Patch Adams decided to become a doctor, which gave him a purpose in life. Patch Adams was very wise and happy man. Helping others made him cure his depression. As a medical student, he uses humor and happiness as medicine with the patients. Most of the students and professors did not like him at all. It was like when Bernie Sanders tried to convince Republicans and Democrats that they supposed to be working for the working people not only for the one percent. In addition, Patch Adams observed a lot of problems in the hospital. Nurses were not treated the same as doctors. Children who suffered from cancer passed in their rooms without joy and hope. Relatives of patients who had to fill out tedious forms instead of being with relatives in life or death situations. He had a revolutionary idea after seeing these problems. He wanted to have a system where patients were not seen as a business because doctors should act more human when they treat their patients. He wanted to help them to be healed not only of their illnesses but also of their social problems. After many difficulties, he graduated as a doctor.

Communication in a Healthcare setting is one of the most important tools. Communication skills are something that many individuals have to work on. Not everyone knows how to communicate effectively, especially when dealing with a variety of cultures. Physicians must master their skill communication to improve the patient’s experience. Communication is both verbal and physical. Communication has been shown to favorably affect clinical outcomes, patient adherence, patient satisfaction, and reduced malpractice risk. The movie is based on Dr. Adams\’ real life. Dr. Adams’ fundamental idea is to make us understand that medical attention is not only about focusing on the problem or disease. The medical attention is also listening to the patients. Providers should help their patients in an integrated manner. Patients should be approach physically and emotionally as well. The film has many aspects of health communication. Some of them are therapeutic communication (patient-center), communication empathy. active listening (empathy), and trust.

The communication between Patch Adams and his patients is very deep. Patch Adams does not focus only on their pains or symptoms. Rather, he asks them about their lives, family, work, friends interests, etc. Therapeutic communication (Patient Center communication) is very important. It is not just about touch-feeling and more humanistic. Interrupting a patient prematurely closed-ended questions. When doctors do that they fail to address the patient\’s concern\’s and fail to really understand the patient\’s full agenda for why they are seeking healthcare. Additionally, when doctors ignore personal information, patients get the idea that they are not being heard and that the doctor did not care about them. As a result, patients will not take their medication or follow the procedure that the doctor recommended. For instance, Patch Adams’ relationship with his psychologist was untrusty, resulting in the abandonment of treatment and distrusting the system of the doctor and provider as well.

This causes a lot of problem in our healthcare. On the other hand, when doctors use open-ended questions, it can be utilized to allow patients to freely talk about their own problems or feelings associated with the complication.\” Open-ended general inquiries claim a lack of knowledge of patient\’s problems, encourage their de-novo presentation, and frame patients (at least initially) as being active authorities over their own health information.\” (Robinson, Heritage, 2005).

Active Listening is different from just hearing and repeating what was heard. This skill can help us reveal not only what the patient is saying but what the patient is thinking and feeling (Servellen, pg. 91). Patch psychologist showed lack of this skill. When Patch was telling his childhood story about his dad death \”Dad told Patch Adams at the Korean world hid dad lost his sold, all the time Patch Adams thought he was the one who lost his sold\” The disconnection between psychologist and patient showed lack of empathy, focus, and attention. Patch Adams at the Medical School was able to display active listening to friends, patients, and classmates. Active listening requires providers not only to hear, but to listen; not only to see but to perceive; and not only to touch but to feel (Servellen, pg.92).

Trust, I personally think that trust is the most important quality to get from patients. It is probably one of the most difficult quality to achieve and keep in these days. \”Patients\’ trust in providers usually evolves over time. Patients most of the time will self-disclosure until they observe that providers are acting on their behalf.\” (Servellen, pg. 109). Building trust is very crucial for a good relationship and for the outcomes of the patients. For example, a patient who does not trust or like the practitioner will not disclose complete information efficiently. Patients who are anxious will not understand the instructions clearly (Dorr & Lipkin, pg. 4).

The main reason for communication in the healthcare setting is not just to ask and collect information. Should be beyond, not only focusing on the problem of the patient, communication help us as well to establish trust and good relationship with patients. If we are able to gain the trust of our patients we can guarantee a good relationship and better outcomes for patients. If we gain trust Healthcare professionals will not feel fear to be transparent as a result our communication with patients will be fructose. Making patient participate in their care, in quality of life and have higher satisfaction.

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