Analysis Essay Topics

Hobson Analysis

Henry Horatio Hobson is one of the principal characters of the play and his conflict with his daughters, particularly Maggie, provides the basis of the story line. Hobson is a 55-year-old middle-class tradesman who has quite a pompous and overbearing nature and the author, Harold Brighouse does very well to portray him in such a way that… View Article

Character analysis

Priestley describes him in the opening stage directions as a ‘rather portentous man’, full of his own self-importance. In the play, he is certainly very concerned with his social position – he twice mentions that he was Lord Mayor as a way of impressing Gerald (pp.8, 11), and mentions the knighthood to him, even though… View Article

Analysis John Proctor

In a sense, the play, ‘The Crucible’, has the structure of a classical tragedy with John Proctor being the protagonist of the play and its tragic hero. As there is a saying “To err is human… ” John Proctor likewise was led to his grave due to a fatal flaw he possessed. Proctor, in his… View Article

Analysis of opening of ‘All My Sons’

Their conversation is light-hearted; discussion of weather (“Gonna rain tonight” and “That beautiful. Not a cloud.” NOTE: here you could divulge into pathetic fallacy; the weather in the Keller’s backyard is bright and sunny now – indicating the health of the familial bonds – but Keller knows that it will rain later. Similarly, note how “The… View Article

Proctors Analysis

‘What is John Proctor? I am no saint; for me it is fraud. I am not that man.” Explore Miller’s Presentation of Proctor in The Crucible. How far do you agree with Proctor’s Analysis of himself? In 1962, Salem was affected dramatically by the tragedy of witchcraft. Miller use’s this hard-hitting occurrence to structure his story… View Article

Practical Report and Article analysis

The article focuses on childrens perceptions of music by Radiohead who are known for being a depressive band but others say ‘creative geniuses.’ If the media changes trends and perceptions then what effect can one bands’ songs have on an individual. ‘Those social stimuli that are the products of the behaviour of other people essentially… View Article

PEP and performance analysis for rounders

There are many important skills and techniques required in Rounders. As a batter in order to successfully hit the ball the player will need to have good hand and eye co-ordination. A number of things contribute to making, a good hit, these include the hand grip you are using while holding the bat, the hand… View Article

PE Analysis Coursework

In this piece of coursework I will analyse my partner’s skill on spinning or passing a rugby ball. Firstly I will give a base line assessment of my partner, with a mark out of 10. I will then identify 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses and describe 3 practices that will improve his weaknesses. I will then reassess… View Article

Ode to a nightingale analysis

‘Ode to a nightingale’ is, superficially praise for the nightingale’s song. But on looking deeper it is about Keats’ his search for a way to transcend this world and all the pain associated with it. He probably wrote this ode after he became ill and when he had accepted his sad fate. Keats writes this… View Article

An Analysis of the opening sequences of Luhrmann’s

I think Luhrmann repeated the prologue three times to make people understand what was to come, because he did not add the last two lines which were ‘In which if you with patient ears attend, What here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend.’ In other words, meaning that if you have not understood… View Article

Critical Success Factor Analysis

This wasn’t the case for AA. They had clear Organisational vision and views set out from the beginning. Their reason for the new system was to improve the standards of customer service for customer loyalty and to reduce their cost which is their organisational strategy. This resulted in three main business requirements for the new IS…. View Article

Analysis of lines

The themes explored in the extract, lines 125 – 300, are that of love, deception and honour; both in general, and involving friends and women, religion in order to support and undermine marriage, and the overall purpose of marriage. The extract shows the fabliau nature of ‘The Merchant’s Tale’ and the positive images of love… View Article

Analysis of Before You Were Mine

Carol Ann Duffy’s Before You Were Mine is a poem written retrospectively about her mother ten years before she was born. The title indicates that it is a love poem whilst the first stanza could be mistaken for being written about a lover illustrating the strong bond between her and her mother. A conversational is… View Article

A Critical Analysis Of A Satirical Piece

The piece of satirical work that I’ve chosen to analyse is a poem written by Carol Ann Duffy, a very successful female poet. The poem itself is called “Poet For Our Times”, it was written approximately ten to fifteen years ago, at the time she was working in a comprehensive school running workshops. This poem… View Article

I.T Coursework -Analysis

I will be using many different website to do with my sport each site contains a lot of information about korfball and how it is played. The programs that I will be using are mainly Microsoft word and the Internet. I don’t think that I will need to use excel or PowerPoint. I will need… View Article