An inspector calls Essay Topics

Real Inspector

But from early on in the play, the audience would have got the gist of the whole family being involved, as clues are given as to who is up next in the line of enquiry. Before each character is questioned, they leave the room and then return just at the point we find out who… View Article

The director of ‘An Inspector Calls’

During the first moments of the play, urchins, played by small children, entered from the side of the stage and started lifting up the curtains to signify poverty that the Birling family were shutting out, and how curious they are to see what is happening in the Birling’s lives. In addition, it also indicates how… View Article

The Inspectors visit

“He inspected us all right…” Write an essay examining how one character is affected by the Inspectors visit. The play “An Inspector Calls” was written in 1946 the playwright of this play was J.B Priestley, he had survived both world wars. He was a firm believer in socialism and capitalism. This play deals with the death… View Article

An Inspector Calls

Miss Sheila Birling, a prominent character in Priestly’s play “An Inspector Calls”, undergoes many changes throughout the play. The audience and reader’s perspective towards her also alters. Sheila changes before our eyes from a little girl into a strong young woman. In the beginning, Sheila is described to us as being “in her early twenties”… View Article

An inspector calls & by J. B Priestly

As the curtains rise the light (dim) focuses on Mr Birling’s factory. Outside, protesters are trying to convince Mr Birling to increase their wages. Lightning strikes a tree near the protesters and everything goes dark. The light brightens a little and focuses back on the factory where all the protesters are gone. As the light… View Article

An Inspector Calls

I believe that “An Inspector Calls is a successful play because all audiences enjoy suspense and tension, and in this story they run rampant. The tense atmosphere and great pace means that the audience never gets bored. The feelings from the characters can be related to real life and this makes the play that bit… View Article

Why does the Inspector call?

The play starts in the spring of 1912 and the Birlings and Gerald have got together for the engagement of Sheila and Gerald, it was a festive moment in the household, Mr. Birling was making comments like “Just because the Kaiser makes a speech or two, or a few German officers have too much to… View Article

An Inspector Calls

An Inspector Calls is a play that investigates the social injustice of society in England. Its author JB Priestly writes a story based on the society reigned by King Edward. In this historic period the British Empire was at its peak of world colonial power. Edwardian society, as the period was known as, was split… View Article

The Inspector in Act 1

Consider the dramatic importance of the entrance of the Inspector in Act 1 and his exit in Act 3 Although the inspector does not enter until a while into the play, it is clear that his presence will shock the Birling family. The play is set in a house of a reasonable middle upper class family…. View Article

An Inspector Calls

An “inspector calls” was written in 1945 (post World War Two), but it was actually set in 1912 (pre World War One). An inspector calls was written by J. B Priestley (John Boynton Priestley). The play is set on a spring evening in the Birling house. The play is about the Birling family (Mr and… View Article

An Inspector Calls essay

Priestley’s dramatic methods and how an understanding of the historical and social context might help shape the response of an audience Before the characters start talking Priestley describes the setting. The drama is set in a large suburban house in 1912: this was before the First World War and a time of prosperity for people like… View Article

The Significance Of The Inspector

What Is The Significance Of The Inspector Structurally, Thematically, Linguistically And Contextually In Priestley’s An Inspector Calls? How Could An Actor/Director Portray His Role Successfully On Stage? John Priestly first wrote An Inspector Calls in 1945, although it was not performed in England until 1 October 1946. The New Theatre in London hosted the performance… View Article

The inspector in JB Priestly’s

‘An Inspector Calls’ by JB Priestly is a morality play that deals with responsibility, society, class and family. In this essay I am going to explore the way the playwright creates a function for the inspector, and how it is displayed through, several different techniques. We are told nothing whatsoever about the inspector except form… View Article

Priestley’s main aim in the Inspector calls

The play ‘An Inspector Calls’ was written by John Boynton Priestley in the year 1946. The strange thing about this book is that the play was set in the year 1912. I believe that there was a very good reason why this play was set in the year 1912, because the character Mr Birling says… View Article

What is JB Priestley’s main aim in An Inspector Calls?

During An Inspector Calls, JB Priestly uses the Birling family and the inspector to show life in a different light. Within the Inspectors presence throughout the play, Priestly delivers his aims to the audience by certain characteristics in the family and the social commentary from the inspector. Combined they change the audience’s perception of society,… View Article