An Ideal Vacation Essay

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An Ideal Vacation

An ideal vacation is a vacation takes a person away from all things that are in their normal routine. Some people want to break away from certain conditions that occupy their everyday life like school, a hectic work schedule, house work, and the biggest one of them all stress. Vacation is where they get to kick back and relax. They won’t have to worry about money and will be able to do things that they would not normally do on a regular basis.

The vacation begins the minute she starts to pack her suitcases. She packs light colored clothes, sandals, a few bathing suits, sun block, and a camera. Who knows if she will be able to go on another vacation? Once she has finished packing and each item is done and checked off the list, it is time to start relaxing. When she knows all the bags are packed and she is ready to go, shell have calmness about her and she will think “Okay this is really happening”. She starts to think about the beautiful sandy beaches, the clear blue water, and the beautiful weather. When she arrives to the destination the first idea that she gets is to hit the power button on her cell phone. The excitement starts to build and she cannot wait to get to all-inclusive resort, so she can see what the day will bring.

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Now that she is officially on vacation the rest of her time will just consist of total relaxation and enjoying her time there. The best part about her going on vacation is that she has the privilege to stay at a resort. At a resort they don’t have to worry about paying for meals every day because they are all inclusive, so if she’s a big eater then she wouldn’t have to worry about paying every day for a meal or a snack. She could eat all day if she wanted to. The resort staff is there to tend to her whatever her needs may be. The resort also has many activities that she will be able to participate in from sports to dance lessons.

After she unpacks her suitcases, she decides to go down by the pool and unwind. The resort staffs are there as soon as she has a seat by the pool asking “What would you like for lunch”. As she waits on the food, she takes in the beautiful view and the warm weather. Once the day comes to an end she decides to take a walk on the beach and watch the sun go down and think about what she has planned for her agenda tomorrow. There is so much to do and see on vacation she just wants to take it all in.

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