American women Essay Topics

Pay differences between men and women

Why has the gap between male and female wages narrowed significantly? In the past, there has always been a large wage gap between males and females. One reason for wage differentials across the labour market is because labour is not homogeneous and gender is one such differential factor between employees. The upward trend of female… View Article

Duffy-Exploitation of Women

To what extent is Duffy a poet who exposes the exploitation of women and fights against their further oppression? In your response, you must include detailed critical discussion of ‘Standing Female Nude’ and at least one other poem by Duffy. In response to the question above, I feel that Duffy is a poet who portrays… View Article

The Percentage of Men and Women in the U.S

In 1950, 86 percent of men and 34 percent of women age 16 and older were in the labor force (See Figure 1). Although the 1964 Civil Rights Act had outlawed employment discrimination based on race and gender, gender quotas in education had not yet been challenged effectively, and enforcement of the law lagged behind… View Article

Sub – pop culture

Music videos have definitely made a big influence on our culture today. Most people see music videos not only as videos with their favorite icons on it but they also see the videos as a way to impart messages. These messages produce great effects especially to the youth who watch these videos on a constant… View Article

A Look at Iraqi Women

The country of Iraq has been the venue of much turmoil and unrest. A war that began in 1980 between Iran and Iraq, which was supposed to be quick and speedy, lasted longer than expected and as a result, more males were needed for the army. More draftees meant higher mortality rates, greater costs for… View Article

The japanese women: yesterday and today

Two of the leading countries when it comes to technological development are America and Japan. America they say is the land of immigrants, a country where there is diverse cultural population, made up of different societies. Japan on the other hand claims to have a homogenous society. A society where there is only one culture,… View Article

Misrepresentation of african american women

African American women have historically been viewed as hyper-sexual creatures, due to unique anatomical features not often seen in other races. This hyper-sexualized view of Black women dates back as early as the days of slavery when European imperialists traveled to Africa and were excessively intrigued by (and abashedly attracted to) the women in the… View Article