American reactions to the vietnam war Essay

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American reactions to the vietnam war

It contains broad coverage regarding what happened in the demonstration and the reaction of the construction workers to the war. But it fails to provide wider coverage to America’s reaction as a whole, as it only explores one event, from a certain group, which were only a small minority of the American population. It provides some context by briefly explaining why the construction workers went on this demonstration, however some areas lack context as it isn’t entirely clear as to why they reacted so violently to the war.

It portrays a precise and detailed insight as to how the ‘Hard Hat’ construction workers reacted to the war, however other areas of the representation lack sufficient detail, for example the author only briefly mentions how the police collaborated with the construction workers. However it does provide broad coverage as it mentions the different reactions to the demonstration, including a major American newspaper. This representation explores the ‘Hard Hat’ demonstration in great precise detail, giving a clear view into exactly what happened on that demonstration, and how the construction workers reacted to the war.

Even though it explores the event in great depth it fails to include figures, dates or statistics. It also lacks context and detail in certain areas, for example it fails to mention why the police worked with the construction workers. However it does contain carefully selected quotes which shine further light upon the event, one quote stating that the police were working with the construction workers. The other quote is from a construction worker explaining why he went on the demonstration.

In addition the representation completely agrees with what I know about the ‘Hard Hat’ demonstration. This representation is written in a very professional, analytical and factual style, which is mostly detached, making this piece mostly objective. However it is also quite unobjective, as there is a certain amount of emotive language used, for example ‘mob’ and ‘chased down’. It also contains a quote which arguably justifies the attack, explaining that one of the construction workers was doing it for his brother who was wounded in Vietnam.

Overall this source gives a detailed insight as to how a group of construction workers reacted to the war, however this is only a small minority and their reaction doesn’t represent the reaction of America. It fails to give a broad view as to how America as a whole reacted to the war. In addition the event is explored in great depth and is written in a professional and analytical style. But it lacks precise detail with no use of figures or dates, and contains a significant amount of emotive language, causing it to be quite inaccurate and unobjective.

In conclusion all three representations explore in detail how certain different groups among US society reacted to the war. I have come to the conclusion that representation two is the best regarding the way in which people in America as a whole reacted to the war. It broadly covers in great detail the reaction of many different group among the American population including, pacifist, liberalist and students. The reaction of these groups combined with a survey of public opinion; represent the reaction of a large majority of America.

Even though it doesn’t go into as much detail as the other two sources, they only manage to focus on one group of people. This representation objectively and analytically explores in great detail how a number of different groups reacted, and it portrays the best, accurate, most vivid, broad image of how people in America reacted to the war. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Classics section.

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