American football Essay Topics

How have Hooligans Destroyed the ‘Good’ Name of Football?

Most people would expect a hooligan to be, strong, male, un-shaven and thug like. But this is not true, in fact sometimes quite the opposite in this case. Hooligans come in all shapes and size, big and small, fat and thin, and sometimes quite unexpectedly are females. These people, often in large groups, go to… View Article

Football commentaries

I have always had a keen interest in football, both as a player and spectator. Recently, though, I have begun to notice that the two main methods of media presentation, television and radio broadcasting differ quite substantially. Therefore, the focus of my coursework will be to examine the common linguistic features found in both radio… View Article

Paying college football athletes

The Coach of a football team is just as important as any player performing on the field. In fact his power over the team surpasses that of any one single player, the coach can determine whether an entire season is a victory or a loss. Perhaps this is why Colleges justify paying a coach millions… View Article

Professional football and subculture

Sports around the world are a large part of the Americans subculture. There are many professional sports that are very competitive throughout the world, but in my opinion professional football is the most competitive. There are also many different cultures, values and different ways sports have impacted my life and the people surrounded by us…. View Article

College football vs Nfl

Many compare the National Football League (NFL) with college football but the two are not extremely similar and should never be compared. Yes, besides a few minor rule changes the NFL and college football are the same game; but there is much more to football then the rules. College football is better than the NFL… View Article

Basketball is better than football

The clock runs down and there’s the point guard with the ball dribbling up the court there’s 10 minutes left on the board and he’s stalling then out of now here he passes to the shooting guard 5-4-3-2-1 and he shoots swoosh the ball goes in and they win but one critic in the audience… View Article

Football outline

Introduction II. American Football was game that started in college in the late 1800, from the 1950’s it rose to become the most watched sport on the US. III. Through my research and former high school football player Football is the dominate sport in all of the US and is now gaining popularity around the… View Article

The future of football

“On this down and dirty dance-floor, huge men perform a punishing pirouette. The meek will never inherit this turf. In the pit, there is more violence per square foot than anywhere else in sport. ” – Narrator, NFL film production. I am not a fan of football game. Before this documentary, I actually have never… View Article

Is football to dangerous

The life threatening spinal-cord injury that Buffalo Bills tight end Kevin Everett suffered on Sunday while trying to make a tackle adds urgency to a question that gnaws at the NFL with each passing season — is playing pro football worth the risks? Everett, 25, remains sedated and on a respirator at Millard Fillmore Gates… View Article

The rules of football

Football is one of the most popular sports in American history and culture. Whether a person’s favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys or the Denver Broncos the rivalry of football seems to never cease. Almost everyone knows about football Sunday. But some people only see the game as a violent, unpredictable sport that can only… View Article

Concussions in football

Injuries in sports are bound to happen no matter what sport you are playing and you never know when an injury will occur. They just come with the territory and they can range from a cut to an injury that could end an athlete’s career or even worse lead to a death. A big problem… View Article

Injuries in football

Injuries in American football, can some of them be prevented? With the increase in injuries in football coaches are looking for better ways to try and prevent unnecessary injuries. Even though you cannot prevent all the injuries as a coach you want to at least prevent some. I. Explaining the content of paper preparing reader… View Article

Football genius

The reason I picked picture 1 is because the whole book is about football and is based on football. That’s why I pick picture 1. The reason I picked picture 2 is because the person is reading the play and that’s what Troy does reads the play to see what they are going to do…. View Article

Football and Its dangers

Abstract The dangers of American Football are obvious and have been apparent for many years, especially for those who play and those who have played the game. But its dangers although apparent have caused injuries which have caused controversial debates about how safe the sport really is and the pain it has caused for so… View Article

Football in Islam

Introduction Football is considered to be the best popular sport in the world and became widespread after the Second World War. This game has gained importance these days all over the world and has come to be a significant phenomenon throughout the world. We see people becoming preoccupied with football matches more than being concerned… View Article