American Essay Topics

Adam an American man

Our piece did not have a title. The assessment was called Adam monologue, and we didn’t change the name of our piece of work. It has been called Adam monologue, because we have Adam in the cell in the point where he’s about to get crazy. We decided to have two Adams as we thought… View Article

Creative writting

The evening encompassed everything I was feeling. The full moon, which had given me the chills ever since I could remember, was shining so luminously in the sky above. The stars painted a tapestry like no other, and the sound of the wind in the trees was laced with a morose, yet mysteriously soothing train… View Article

Of mice and men

Bearing in mind the social, cultural and historical content how does John Steinbeck portray the black American in his novel ‘of mice and men’? John Steinbeck’s novel ‘of mice and men’ was published in 1937. This was in the middle of the Great Depression. When the novel was written in the 1930’s America was a… View Article

Miss USA

While reading the text I got the impression that Emma Knight is a woman with her feet firmly planted on the ground. She is not exactly the beauty queen type of girl. Maybe in the way she looks but not in the way she is. Through her life she has never felt very beautiful. In… View Article

The American education system

In America, education is seen as a priority of life. American education is very important if you want to be a professional, well off person, therefore American schools encourage students to conform at a very young age. We are taught to follow directions, be on time, get work done, etc. , all of which are… View Article

American history

Sternberg ultimately suggests that Intelligence can be improved, and there are a number of findings to support his theory. There have been 2 very controversial pieces of research and publications however which not only disagree with the main principals of Sternberg’s theory, but have also provoked uproar since they have been released. The first publication… View Article

How much aggressive behaviour is shown on television?

The average American child sees 32,000 murders, 40,000 attempted murders, and 25,000 acts of violence on television before the age of 18 (Ahmed, 1998). Gerbner’s studies of violence on American television (Gerbner, 1972; Gerbner & Gross, 1976; Gerbner et al. , 1980, 1986) Defining violence as: ‘… the overt expression of physical force against others… View Article

Henry James started life in a wealthy family

His grandfather was one of the first American millionaires. James’ father was a theologian and his brother was a psychologist. In fact, his brother, William James, was the pioneer of psychoanalysis. Around the time that James wrote ‘The Turn of The Screw’ (1897), people began to think a lot more about the inner workings of… View Article

America in the 1920’s

Isolationism: The USA is large country with a complex governmental structure. After President Woodrow WIlson returned to the USA after is efforts at Versailles (post World War I), he found that most Americans no longer wanted anything to do with the rest of the world. Since gaining independance from Britain in 1783, the American people… View Article

American magazine Newsweek

In this essay I will be comparing and analysing how the Times, Mirror and American magazine Newsweek reported a catastrophe that took place five years ago; the following is a brief delineation. On February 3rd 1998 in Calvalese Northern Italy, an EA-6B Prowler American training aircraft from an airbase in Aviano severed the cable holding… View Article

American Indians Today

The Native Americans were the primary citizens of America long before white men set on foot in the area. When the Europeans conquered the American soil, an estimated 10 million Indians composed the Population of America. It is situated at the north of the country, present-day Mexico. According to history scholars, the Native Americans were… View Article

Americans or Hispanics

Youth sports programs that are public and tax funded should not be eliminated because it is the only program that gives equal opportunities to children to be trained and experience sports training and competition. In public programs, children are treated equally because the basis for reward or success is their ability to play the game… View Article

American Ethnic Literature

What does it mean to be inclusive of “ethnic” literature in American “English” classrooms? Educators across the country struggle to comply with industry standards as well as their own sense of what “globalization in literature” may comprise. The ideology of teaching the British canon is breaking down, particularly in the wake of the post-colonial criticism… View Article

Applying The Matter As The Rightful American

How are Americans supposed to face the situation that they are in at present? This is the main discussion that Gjerde has presented in his articles. From the said articles, the author pointed out that learning to be a rightful individual who has the capability of handling the American dream of equality while being able… View Article

What A Good American Should Be Like

To many, America is already a much developed country. Yet a lot of Americans themselves find it difficult to accept that their country is already at its peak success. Why? This is primarily because of the unequal views of both races and people’s economic status. These two are only a few of the many reasons… View Article