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Cloud Computing Research Paper

Introduction Cloud computing is the answer for “affordable” business technology platforms. It is a more affordable solution for media content than any other medium, and this is why Netflix,, and Apple are among the leaders in cloud usage and development. Ultimately cloud computing will be the primary way data services are accessed by businesses… View Article

Assignment: Amazon Evolution

The strategy that Amazon is using to stay successful is by offering more than just the opportunity for consumers to purchase books. By offering a storage device option, consumers are able to purchase storage space and only pay for what they use rather than pay extra for a service or space not being used. Much… View Article

Airtel: World’s Largest Online Retailer, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) is an American multinational electronic commerce company with headquarters in Seattle, Washington, United States. It is the world’s largest online retailer.[4] The company also produces consumer electronics—notably the Amazon Kindle e-book reader and the Kindle Fire tablet computer—and is a major provider of cloud computing services. Amazon has separate retail websites… View Article

Amazon Business Model

Overview: was founded in 1994, it started by selling books online. As it grew, the company started offering various products and services. Some goods include: DVDs, videos, electronics, camera and photography, clothing apparels, shoes, and so forth. Other retailers have merged with to offer diverse quality of items based on different degrees of… View Article

From Source to Shore an Amazon Success Story

From Source to Shore An Amazon Success Story By Ankit Shah Amazon is one of the first ventures that set out to tap the potential of web for retail business. It’s hard to believe that a business that started out of founder Jeff Bezos’ garage in 1994 has revenues of over $32 billion today. What… View Article

Amazon.Com – Project Paper is obsessed with fervour to serve consumer and shareholder alike. Since its inception over fifteen years ago, has steadily grown from a burgeoning “dot-com” corporation into a multinational monster, a king in the domain of internet retail. It targets two goals: the satisfaction of a customer and efficient corporate growth. Its marketing strategies… View Article

Cloud Computing Now and the Future

The use of cloud computing creates a growing interdependence among both public and private sector entities and the individuals served by these entities. This paper provides a snapshot of the advantages of cloud computing and the risk areas specific to cloud services which clients of cloud services should be aware of. The future of cloud… View Article

Report on Amazon Case Study

This paper will summarize the main points of the presentation about in the first part including brief introduction, PESTEL analysis and Porter’s five forces; and raise critical analyses in the second part mainly focus on Amazon’s competing groups and its superiority. Summary of presentation is the world’s largest ecommerce retailer founded by Jeff… View Article

Amazon Database is developing a system to gather and keep massive amounts of intimate information about its millions of shoppers, including their religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity and income. The database, which would combine information disclosed voluntarily by customers with facts gleaned from public databases, conceivably would give Amazon a larger or more detailed profile of its… View Article

Product –Amazon Kindle Fire

Products are not only the physical goods that we typically think of them; they also include services – sometimes as a different product and many a times as an extension of the product itself. At the heart of every product (or service) is providing value to consumers and getting value in return from them in… View Article

Borders and Amazon Business Approach

Describe the history and core business of each company. Traditional book stores have been around for ages. Evidently, public libraries and private stores like Barnes and Nobles, Waldenbooks, and of course Borders are often the main places where people go to purchase or borrow their books. Nowadays, with the rise of technology, many more options… View Article

Lee Valley Segmentation

Background Lee Valley——a family-owned business which has been providing customers of woodworking and gardening tools since 1978.Their reputation is based on three principles: 1. Customer satisfaction: Any product may be returned within 3 months and no cost to the customer (for shipments within North America, they will refund your return parcel post costs). 2. Integrity:… View Article

Cloud Computing

How did Ericsson benefit from Amazon Web Services (AWS)? According to Amazon’s Web Service website, it gives users the option to run just about everything using their service applications. By incorporating cloud computing, users are able to cut variable costs to a more attractive scale for the business by eliminating costly administrative and hardware fees…. View Article

Amazon’s Marketing Strategy

Abstract The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the marketing process of online retailer, Inc. provides a number of retail services as well as web and storage services. The corporate strategy framework, as discussed in Cravens & Piercy’s Strategic Marketing text, will be used to examine the background of the company and… View Article

Story of Stuff Reflection

A very interesting stuff story by Annie Leonard – The Story of Stuff which tells you how stuff works in 20 minutes video. It is an interesting story and here is my reviews and summary. I do agree with most of her points but not all of them. I agree with her because she said… View Article