Amazon Essay Topics

Ilya Repin’s Volga boatmen

“Painting is a branch of the visual arts, in which color is applied to various surfaces to create a representational or abstract picture or design” (Vishny, 2003). A painting can represent an artist’s ideas or reflect the condition of a society. Some of the great masterpieces in art history include Peter Rubens’ The Battle of… View Article

Brazil’s Amazon

In Amazon Basin countries highway development is akin to economic development. With the extensive highway development comes human and environmental hazards. In an article about the Transoceanica highway project between Brazil and Peru Tina Butler (2005) stated that “ Roadways alter patterns of human settlement, accelerate the destruction of natural habitat and aid in the… View Article

Amazon Books and Writers

Miss Furr and Miss Keene has a reputation of being one of Gertrude Stein’s more controversial works. Originally published in 1922, the story tells of the lives of two women who live together. The story is written with a limited lexicon and contains the word “gay” which appears over a hundred times. It is purported… View Article

Environmental Examples

The lamentable condition of the Amazon River is featured in the You Tube video “The Amazon Dries Up”. It shows major portions of the river drying up with boats stranded, fish dying because of lack of oxygen, and people traveling far in search of clean water to drink. Going through this video brought up feelings… View Article

Web Definition

John Gray defines globalization as the intensification of worldwide social relations which link distant realities in such a way that local happenings are shaped by events occurring miles away and vice versa. ” (Gray, John: p57). The web definition of globalization is the development of extensive worldwide patterns of economic relationships between nations. In other… View Article

Competitive Analyze Amazon vs. Barnes and Noble

The vision is still to offer “Earth’s biggest selection and to be Earth’s most customer-centric company. Consider how these core marketing messages summarising the Amazon online value proposition are communicated both on-site and through offline communications. Of course, achieving customer loyalty and repeat purchases has been key to Amazon’s success. Many dot-coms failed because they… View Article

Global Citizenship

With the developed information technology, the world has become smaller and smaller as a whole. However, a gap between poor and rich is growing in the last decades (Eikenberry, 2006, p. 587). The philanthropy, which means voluntary contribution to welfare, also has received more attention in the mainstream media. Philanthropy from a few privileged people… View Article Case Study

1-2 Amazon Discussion Questions 1. On a scale of “1” (Very Poor) to “5” (Excellent), how would you rate Jeff Bezos as an entrepreneur? How would you rate him as an operating manager? Support your rating from case specifics. I would rate Jeff Bezos 10 as an entrepreneur, and 7 as an operating manager. On… View Article

The Dot Com Bubble – a remarkable failure that claimed the hopes and dreams of countless internet pioneers as they programmed their way to fame and fortune. It has been more than a decade since the crash but from its ashes remains a select few companies who managed to hold on to their vision of internet… View Article

Yahoo and Amazon: Building a Competitive Advantage

Amazon and Yahoo are both internet based business that are customer service driven. The two companies were started based on an idea to make internet use easier by helping users find what they are looking for. Amazon started with helping users find books and Yahoo started with the purpose of helping users find information through… View Article

Amazon Business Practices

Abstract This paper provides strategic research for, starting with the vision and mission statements and an external assessment of the competitive forces using the Porter Five Forces model. Also included in this research is an evaluation of the intensive strategies used by Amazon in the areas of market penetration, market and product development. Additionally,… View Article

Amazon analysis

1. Introduction Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce company. It was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 (Amazon, n.d.) and the website went online on July 16, 1995 (Webley, 2010). Amazon has its headquarter in Seattle, Washington and several offices on all continents. (Amazon, n.d.) At the beginning Amazon sold only books and after a… View Article

System Evaluation

Netflix is an internet TV company that produces the highest quality TV shows and movies for it’s viewers. Given that it contains hundreds and even thousands of movies and TV shows on it’s server, how does it remain to be one of the fastest? Netflix is using a cloud based system that has drastically changed… View Article