Aluminium Essay Topics

Aluminum smelter in South Africa

We recommend you do not build this new Greenfield primary aluminum smelter in South Africa. In order to achieve a 15% ROI on your investment, you require a long-term average price of $1500 for aluminum. We have estimated that demand for primary aluminum in 5 years will be at $20bn, which will support a market… View Article

Gemstones Paper

Gemstones are many peoples prized possessions. Like at my house my mother has a translucent diamond ring, diamonds mineral name is diamond. My parents gave me a red ruby ring for my tenth birthday. The mineral name for a ruby is corundum. Gemstones are minerals that are cut from naturally occurring crystals. Gemstones are minerals… View Article

A cylindrical billet

1. A cylindrical billet that is 100 mm long and 50 mm in diameter is reduced by direct (forward) extrusion to a 20 mm diameter. The die angle is 90?. the flow curve for the work metal has a strength coefficient of 800 MPa. Determine (a) extrusion ratio, (b) true strain (homogeneous deformation), (c) ram… View Article

Apple paper

Global competition on the decisions made by management with regards to change in labor demand, supply, relations, unions, and rules and regulations in your chosen industry————– Apple demands a high quality of fair acting companies to treat their employees with respect and humility and call for them to take the high road when it comes… View Article

One Earth, One chance

Wake up in the morning. Take a glance outside of your house and there outside was trash, trash, and more trash. That’s not gonna be a pretty picture but if you don’t team and help our Earth, it could happen, and by then it’ll be too late. People should recycle more and save lots of… View Article