Alimony Essay Topics

Living together before marriage

The beautiful wedding and the romantic honeymoon are over; now it’s time for the real work to begin – the marriage. You move into your dream home ready to begin your life together, but this is the first time you are living together as a couple and there will be some challenges. Each of your… View Article

Should we make divorce harder to get?

Growing up as a child, the first words that is often learned is “Mommy and Daddy”. These two groups of individuals are there to help grow and nurture the child for their well-being. Unfortunately, many parents are dealing or have dealt with the consequences of a divorce. Rich believes that about 40% of couples that… View Article

Child marriage

Solutions to End Child Marriage WHAT THE EVIDENCE SHOWS INTRODUCTION National and international communities are increasingly recognizing child marriage as a serious problem, both as a violation of girls’ human rights and as a hindrance to key development outcomes. As more program, policy, donor and advocacy constituencies pledge commitment, resources and action to address this… View Article


This house will not legalized divorce for it cost money, hurts children and also it changes personal relationships. Many people just don’t know the real importance of marriage even before planning of the wedding. Divorce is not the solution to the problems of many couple having their difficulties, they should put in their mind that… View Article

Divorce in the Philippines

Everyday, we hear stories from the news about women being abused by their husbands up to the point of causing death to the abused. It is also never new to hear a spouse having extramarital affairs and those other stories of infidelity and violence. We may sometimes first-handedly witness it in our own community, neighbors… View Article